Accompaniment of your business

From designing business
processes to analytics

Our competencies

Development of marketing strategies and their implementation is what we know and love.
We offer a full cycle of support for your business: from creating a product concept or business project, to analytics and improving the efficiency of a running business. Directions of our activity: strategy, creative, IT, marketing and advertising.
We are interested in dealing with complex markets: consulting, tourism, education, construction, provision of services, financial projects, transport and logistics, development of IT products. We are happy to cooperate with trade and manufacturing enterprises. Our projects include e-commerce and mass market. We work qualitatively both in b2b and b2c segments.
We are not afraid of assortment matrices of hundreds of thousands of items and services with a 3-5 year rendering cycle.
We guarantee high quality and speed of delivery of our services at all stages of cooperation.
Наши компетенции
Full cycle projects
for 5 years
specialists inhouse
Regions in Russia
and Europe
Наши компетенции
At first there was another list: standard and “like everyone else”, when we found our understanding of value, we wrote a new one - our own and correct.
Values for us is about the present and about the future. This is what we are doing today and want to see tomorrow. What underlies our team and our approaches.
It is important for us to build open and transparent relationships with partners and customers. We are confident that this is the best tool to improve business efficiency.
Each new project is an individual creative work with you.
We love creative implementation: our solutions are creative, unique and often unexpected.
Customer focus
We make sure that you enjoy the result and the process of cooperation with us.
Quality is the main criterion for evaluating effectiveness. The result of our work looks beautiful and works.
We approach problem solving structurally. We eliminate the causes that reduce the efficiency of the business.
In our work, we rely on modern methods of management and organization of business processes. We value time, ours and our partners, as the only irreplaceable resource. Our team is a high efficiency and a quick solution to your problems.
We adhere to the iterative approach based on flexible management methodologies because we see its effectiveness. It allows us to quickly launch working solutions and quickly increase their quality based on feedback from the end user.
We work with obligatory immersion in the specifics of your business and deeply study the market. Often we get impressive results when we transfer solutions found in one market to others that are completely unrelated to it.
Our solutions are a synthesis of the best practices of classical marketing, management and innovation.
География и рынки

Geography and Markets

We work with companies of various levels in Russia and Europe, we speak Russian, English
and Italian.


Our team is able to work in different modes and has cross-functional competencies. This allows us to understand the business more deeply and operate processes more subtly. We test all the methodologies and solutions that we offer to our clients in our own business. You can meet our team at this page.


All the technologies we use are based on convenience, value and common sense. We are convinced that the cost of business automation is not an expense, but a medium-term investment with a calculated payback period.
We implement systems for businesses with room for growth, which allow our clients to invest not in solving operational problems, but in the development and growth of their business.