Developed a promo page and presentation for Bobrovo shopping center

Fast, interesting and cool. Remember, a presentation is first and foremost a structure of information!
Promo page
3D modeling
The project of the Bobrovo shopping and entertainment center was implemented with the participation of Herzen Capital. We were faced with the task of helping the company in the pre-sale of the shopping center rental space during the construction phase. Together with the management of Herzen Capital, we developed the structure of the presentation and its text, proposed a branded style and logo for the shopping center 'Bobrovo', created 3D visualization and positioning.

Task set by the customer

Develop a landing page and make a presentation for the sale of the area of ​​the shopping and entertainment center «Bobrovo» under construction

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
3 weeks
Project start:
September 2019

What tools did you use

The design was drawn in Figma, the script was written and agreed with the customer in Google Docs. Statistics systems Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics.

Features of the project

The main task of the page is to present the future mall. It was very difficult to get confirmed information about the characteristics of the project. Often, they changed right on the go.

style and logo

The positioning of the Bobrovo shopping and entertainment center is typical for the centers of such an area. We designed the design in purple, developed an identity. The name Bobrovo fits comfortably into the logo - it has a beautiful rhythm of three "o".
The project of the mall is unusual: unlike other shopping centers in "Bobrovo" they plan to open a cafe with a beach on the roof and a special hall for events.
Draw a design
and rendered a page
To create the design, we needed 3D modeling: we use a realistic 3D model in the header. In addition, we finalized the interiors for placement on the page.
A plan with a tenant mix and coverage areas was implemented in svg format to speed up page loading and easily change the shopping center map when adding tenants.
In just 9 days, we developed a corporate identity, design and made layout. Layout slide-by-slide, to conveniently form a presentation for printing from the site.
Look here:

We made a printed version of presentation and PDF

Optimized the creation of a presentation for the company. Implemented Figma into business processes, made a common space, taught how to adapt source images and upload a presentation in pdf format.

Developed landing page script

The page is focused on the b2b segment, based on this, we designed the data structure. On the page, we showed the main planned metrics and their rationale with the initial data for checking the calculations.
There are many specific indicators in commercial real estate. While working on the project, we supplemented our knowledge base with a couple of new metrics - GLA, GBA, although their main meaning is similar to the Internet marketing metrics we are used to.
Landing page

What did you get?

Quality digital and offline presentation for the company's work.
2 in 1
PDF presentation and page are easy to manage
9 days
Page Development Took
4 bids
Through forms in the first week after launch
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