How we launched sales for Cleansman

Cleaning is a competitive industry and it was really fun to work with them.
Introduction of CRM
End-to-End Analytics
One Page Store
Landing page
The Cleansman company provides high-tech cleaning services for residents of the elite areas of the Moscow region. The company's office is located in Zhukovka, on Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway.

Task set by the customer

Start sales of cleaning company services in an elite area of ​​the Moscow region.

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
4 months
Advertising campaign start:
May 2018

What tools did you use

Contextual advertising systems G.Adwords and Y.Direct, advertising system Facebook, analytics systems G.Analitics and Y.Metrika, end-to-end analytics system Roistat, AMO-crm, HTML/CSS/JS Graphic editors Figma, Photoshop and InDesign.Wrote in Excel, Google Docs, Google Spredshits.
We thought a lot with our heads, discussed a lot in words . :)

of this market

The cleaning services market is very competitive. The cost of attracting a client through advertising is high, all market participants are actively working to retain clients. During the launch of Cleansman, the Qlean project was actively promoted in the Moscow market, with an aggressive marketing policy and a dumping model price competition. Most of the market participants are dumping. It was hot.

Studied competitors

Tight competition is the source of data. There were quite a lot of practices and models that we studied and adopted from competitors.
All market leaders use high-quality loyalty programs and direct communications (SMS, Push, MobileApp). The market reacts very actively to seasonality, and there are special offers in each seasonal peak.
All advertising channels are used very actively.
Study competitors

service concept

Cleansman provides services in the middle and premium segments. The unique selling proposition includes a number of complex technological solutions (for example, air washing or swimming pool washing) and an individual approach to the client.
We divided the company's services into groups based on their target audience and developed price positioning for various sets of services. Some of the sets were displayed explicitly - in packages in special offers.
Service concept

Developed logo
and corporate style

Logo, corporate colors and corporate hero: Cleansman.
A well-designed style allows you to significantly save on advertising - by increasing brand awareness of the company.
Branding and identity
Landing page
landing page
The result of the preliminary calculation, which the client himself makes on the page, is sent to the company manager by e-mail in a tabular form (Excel) immediately with formulas: it is very convenient to adjust the number of services when visually inspecting the object.
Page bounces - 14%; average time a user spends on a page - 3 minutes; conversion to ticket - 4.4%.
Look here:

We made printing
and outdoor advertising

The company actively uses this advertising channel: from leaflets to banners 6x3 meters

Developed and implemented loyalty program

For the company's clients, 4 statuses have been developed, each of which has a loyalty program composition attached. In addition to the loyalty program package, each company client can have personal conditions - regardless of the type of card issued. The program works on the basis of a crm system.

advertising campaigns

To reduce advertising costs, we used the most accurate geographic settings for the region of service provision in all advertising systems.
Gigantic lists of negative keywords were compiled for contextual advertising systems: 1232 phrases.
123.8 rubles
Average cost
Ctr by campaign
Set up advertising campaigns

Introduced СRM and analytics

All data on advertising sources is recorded by the Roistat analytics system: costs, detailed data and calls - and then transferred to the CRM system.
Customer requests to the company fall into a single queue inside the CRM system. All tasks are clearly regulated: the system itself sets the necessary tasks for employees, tracks the time spent on their implementation, successful and unsuccessful transactions.
Actual sales data again fall into the end-to-end analytics system, where we monitor bottlenecks in the work of all departments of the company: from advertising to service production, customer retention systems and secondary sales.
Introduced CRM and analytics
Launched b2b direction
We have developed a special offer for real estate market participants: realtors and owners of rental houses. We designed it in the form of a brochure and an e-mail newsletter. The company has a business line related to real estate, we sent our offer to partners from this area.
80,000 m2 of space is now served by a company in the b2b segment. The direction was designed as a separate landing page on the site.

We manage the company's communities in social networks

His community in social networks allowed us to significantly save on targeted advertising.
There are certain difficulties in arranging photo shoots at the facilities that the company maintains. We get out with the quality of text materials: a highly qualified specialist works on them.

Result of work

Average conversion to application 6.52%
Convert to Sales
Order a project

Do you have a similar task? Contact us and we will share our experience and help with the implementation!

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