We made a landing page for Cronwood

A brief excursion into the furniture world of Sevastopol
One Page Store
We developed a landing page with a quiz form to increase sales of furniture production in Sevastopol. For some reason, the marketing tools familiar to us were very difficult for the company's managers to perceive. But we were persistent.

Task set by the customer


Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
1 month
Project start:
January 2019

What tools did you use

Excel, Google Docs, Figma. HTML, CSS, JS. Yandex.Direct, drill, chisel, screwdriver and wood glue.
Landing page
We made a
landing page
In the design of the landing page, we focused on the quality of the company's work. We used photos of projects completed by the company as the background.
The page emphasized the quality not only with the help of pictures, but also mentioning the guarantee for each item that is included in the proposal.
Look here:

Created corporate style

At the start of work, the company had been working under this name for 9 years. We finalized the corporate identity and developed a new logo.
The logo reflects natural materials: the company uses high-quality wooden elements in its furniture, and offers facades made of valuable wood breeds. In addition to the name, a descriptor was added to the extended project logo.
Branding and identity

Internet analytics

In order to evaluate the effectiveness, we marked all site buttons with js-events of Yandex metrics. Including, we marked quiz buttons.
We collect data on the buttons that users press. We checked with an A/B test how much the order affects the choice - we did not find a strong correlation.
We found a strong correlation with pictures. A beautiful picture helps to make the right choice.
Internet analytics
Quiz form
Together with company managers, we developed a quiz-form
The quiz is based on the possible characteristics that the campaign offers. We interviewed managers and compiled a universal questionnaire that allowed us to create a pre-calculation system and an understandable form.>
All questions were visualized with photographs and provided with a price specification. The price order often helps to make a choice: this is what the company's managers told us.

Set up advertising campaigns in Yandex

Only Yandex works in Crimea. We set up direct advertising on hot traffic, and YAN for more general queries.
Surprisingly, YAN generated more requests.
35.2 rubles
Average cost per click in search
8.7 rubles
in YAN
Set up advertising campaigns

What did you get?

One week after launch:
4 months
Purchase decision deadline
Conversion to circulation on hot traffic
Quiz Form Conversion Growth
Order a project

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