Insight into adolescent psychology

Alexey Tsurpal is a talented chartered psychologist and neurobiologist. We participated in developing the project from a seed idea of “marshaling the thoughts of being useful” to its market launch. As a result, we eventually turned into a bit of coaches and a bit of psychologists.

The task set by our customer

  • Launch the sales of counseling sessions of the teenage psychologist

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time:4 months
  • Marketing campaign launch: May 2018

The tasks we solved

  • Examined the market and analyzed the competition
  • Developed positioning
  • Compiled the USP
  • Developed corporate identity
  • Developed a landing page

The tools we used

Graphic editorsFigma, Photoshop and InDesign. Google Docs, Google Spredshits.

The brains.

Competitive analysis

The main source of attracting customers in this market is the aggregator platforms and article promotion on them. Text, text, text again and again. Prior to making a purchasing decision, customers go through a rather lengthy process of waking up to the problem and formulating it. Direct advertising on the market is virtually non-existent. There are clinics that promote these services as a part and parcel of the integrated advertising campaigns: through contextual and targeted advertising. Yet, the main tool is native advertising and social networking.

Unique selling proposition

Alexey suggested the wording “I will help to get along with a teenager”. Having tested it in the focus group, we came up with "Overcome the teenage crisis with ease".

It was psychologically crucial to set the right price tag: the fee should not be too low. Initially, we increased the proposed fee of 10,000 rubles to 50,000 and 82,000 rubles, depending on the amount of services rendered.

Designed a landing page and corporate identity

Light and bright colors: the main concept of the design is trust and optimism.

What we got

Awesome experience

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