We made a landing page out of resume

It's very convenient to work when there is something to push off from. But what to do when there is nothing? We use what we have in our work.
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It is very convenient to work when there is something to start from... But what to do when there is nothing at all? A resume? A resume will do. Yulia Pakhotina, our heroine, is an experienced specialist in the field of organizing procurement activities. Her main competencies - finding ways to reduce procurement costs.To do this, she uses completely different tools: optimization of tender purchases, analysis of supply chains and many others.

Task set by the customer

Make a website for a consultant to sell their services

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
1 month
Launching site:
February 2018

What tools did you use

The main tool, oddly enough, was Google.Docs.
The design was drawn in the online editor Figma.

Studied competitors

On the market, we found offers from consulting companies and did not meet private consultants. Why?
The service is in demand in the large corporate segment and is not at all represented for small businesses: consultants work either within companies or as part of consulting - for cost optimization
The small business segment has a huge potential - procurement optimization can increase the margins of trading companies by 5-10% by reducing costs.
Study competitors


The page was made to work with two segments at once.
In the 'About me' section, information was placed with the experience of a specialist from a resume, understandable to managers of large companies. Sales of services to large businesses go through a tender, and the site performs for them function of a business card.
The cases below showed examples from the work of small and medium-sized businesses that are understandable to the owner of a small company.
Landing page
landing pages
Minimalism: simple shapes and one primary color. A bit stylish.
The design of the site and its mobile version was drawn in Figma, agreed with the customer there.
The background video in the header was abandoned - we decided to focus on text content.


We were faced with a task: to clearly explain a complex service to people far from the subject area.
For convenience, we divided the proposal into small practical parts that have clear and clear business value: to find and reduce procurement costs.
Our customer works not only on the cost of purchased goods and services, but also on what is around: the purchase of consumables, delivery, maintenance, the cost of personnel working with the purchased equipment, and much more.
Unique Selling Proposition

Result of work

Restrained gratitude.
Our work on the page led to a rethinking by the customer of the value it brings to the business. We really want to believe it.
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