How to make a landing page
out of a resume

It is very convenient to work when there is something used as a kickstarter... But what if there is nothing at all? A CV? A resume can do. Julia Pakhotina, our star, is an experienced specialist in organizing procurement functions. Her core competences are finding ways to reduce procurement costs. To do this, she uses a wide range of different tools: optimization of tender procurement, analysis of supply chains and many others.

The task set by our customer

  • Make the advisor’s website for selling consulting services

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time:1 month
  • Marketing campaign launch::February 2018

The tasks we solved

  • Studied the resume and the business offer
  • Developed positioning, described the experience as cases
  • Compiled the USP
  • Developed corporate identity
  • Developed a landing page

The tools we used

The main tool, oddly enough, was Google.Docs.

The design was drawn in the online editor Figma.

Did our homework and competitive analysis

In the market, there were plenty of offers by consulting companies and no offers coming from private consultants. Why was that? The service is in demand in a large corporate segment and is not present at all for small businesses: there are either in-house consultants or they are outsourced as a part of consulting to optimize costs. The small business segment has enormous potential – optimization of purchases can increase the margin of trading companies by 5-10% due to cost cuts.


The page was made to work with two segments at once.

In the section "About Me" we posted information about the expert experience derived from the resume and understandable for managers of large companies. Sales of services to large businesses undergo a tender, and the site serves as a business card for them.

The cases below showed examples of small and medium-sized businesses operations, clear for the owner of a small company.

Unique selling proposition

We were faced with the challenge to explain popularly the complex service to people who are a far cry from the subject area. For convenience, we divided the proposal into small practical parts that have obvious and clear value for business: to find and reduce costs in procurement. Our customer is working not only on the costs of purchased goods and services, but also on what accompanies this activity: the purchase of consumables, delivery, maintenance, the cost of personnel working with the purchased equipment and much more.

Developed landing pages

The less is more: simple forms and one primary color. A bit stylish.
The website design and its mobile version were drawn in Figma, the customer’s approval was obtained through Figma as well.
We forego the background video in the header and decided to focus on the text content.


Reserved gratitude and fundamental rethinking of customer’s true self

Our work on the page made the customer reassess the value which
she brings to the business. We really want to believe in it.

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