Developed marketing for information product
in the Lithium project

Developed the marketing part of the info project
and the structure of the selling pages.
Landing page
«Commonwealth of Lithium» is an interesting project in the field of information business. The project combines several areas: improving personal efficiency, improving health, Russian language. While working on the project, we developed a marketing structure that makes it easy to connect any new direction to the business .Our team implemented the marketing part of the project: we were developing a marketing concept, a universal structure of selling landing pages and their design.

Task set by the customer

Develop the marketing
part of a new educational

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
2 months
Project start:
August 2019

What tools did you use

Excel, Google Docs, designed in Figma. HTML, CSS, JS. < b>Yandex.Direct, Google Ads.Developed knowledge of classical psychology, coaching and unification of information structure.Growed and swayed.

Developed brand
and its market positioning

Positioning is based on an attempt to bring real benefit to people, unlike the coaching market, which is largely focused on short-term, emotional impact. The founders of the project are adults, wise with experience. Several doctors: a psychotherapist with thirty years of practical experience in field and a specialist who has developed his own method of treatment based on Slavic and Chinese medical systems.
The brand is based on fundamental values ​​oriented to an adult (40+), accomplished audience.
Developed a brand

corporate style

The company uses green as a symbol of natural growth and development. We chose a font pair, developed a set of elements with right angles for stability, developed a set of corporate elements.
Tested on several info products - the design worked well in all of them.
Corporate identity
Landing page
We made a
landing page
We formulated the task: "create a universal structure of a landing page for selling an info product". The page is aimed at a warm audience that has already passed through the sales funnel.
An additional page of the article has been developed. It is convenient to use it as a landing page to warm up the audience. We take into account the long period of time for making a purchase decision - in the info business it can be several months (the author of these lines personally saw 9 months of traveling through the funnel before the sale) .
Look here:

What did you get?

Convenient system for connecting and launching new products within the brand
2 days
New product launch date
Conversion on hot traffic
Cost for developing an additional landing page
Order a project

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