Redesign and improvements of the Mansion 1 website

Real estate agency website update in Zhukovka
'Mansion1' is a real estate agency that is engaged in the selection and sale of residential real estate in the area of ​​New Riga and Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway. The company uses the site as a showcase to showcase offers, to attract potential buyers and sellers Some of the agency's offers are exclusive: they are often used by competing agencies.

The task set by the customer

Create a modern website for a luxury real estate agency

Project Summary

Beginning of work:
May 2020
Completion of work:
September 2021

Designed a new site structure

Before starting work, we studied competitors and held several meetings with employees of Mansion1. In the structure of the site's interface, it was important to take into account several factors:
  • long time to make a purchase decision
  • sufficient information about the property
  • the ability to select by geography and specific villages
It was important to make the site convenient both for selecting and for creating an application for viewing and sending it to company managers.

We made a prototype and drew a design

Our team first prepared all the ideas of the customer in the form of a prototype: on it we we worked out the main controls and user scenarios.
After agreeing on the prototype, we drew a design. In the design of the site, we retained the existing corporate identity of the customer: logo, colors, shapes. We used rectangular lines and explicit element borders.
More than 90% of Mansion1's offers are suburban real estate, photographs are usually green. Everything together looks harmonious and whole.

filter for real estate selection

All object parameters are filled in by managers when adding it to the database.
The filter contains several characteristics that are not typical for real estate websites. Among them: areas on the border with forest or water, the state of the object.
The filter works so that each selection collected by the user can be saved as a page: it will have a unique URL, meta tags, description and title.

Made a menu

Two menus are available to the user to work with the site:
The Sidebarreflects the nested directory structure and its subsections. Top menu is only available on desktop. It contains the main sections of the directory, which are always in the visible part of the screen, anywhere in the interface.
We made a contrasting footer: as our research has shown, this solution perfectly copes with the function of additional navigation and separates the navigation bar from the content part.
Developed a shopping cart
The user can bookmark houses of interest to to bookmarks. To do this, a special button is provided in the lists and on the detailed pages.
Bookmarked items can be sent to the agency and scheduled to be viewed. This is convenient: the buyer forms his own list, and the agency staff understands the client's request, and can select and make an additional offer that meets the search criteria.
Look here:

Invented how
to show objects

In the lists, a gallery of photos of each object is available to view: the visitor can view a preview without going to the detailed page. Preview is implemented using lazy loading: it does not affect page loading speed.
When rendering the detailed page, the emphasis was on photographs of real estate objects. The page is divided into two zones: on the left is a gallery, which is fixed in the visible part of the screen, on the right is a text description and characteristics. Scrolling within the zone works on the right side.
See below for similar offers. They are selected according to several parameters, including geography, price, area. As shown by these metrics, users are willing to look at offers selected in this way.

Section with
additional services

In addition to selling real estate the company offers additional services for buyers and owners of real estate. Among them: the development of an architectural project, interior design, architectural supervision, cleaning services.
We moved them to a separate section.

Set up exchange
with crm-system

Prior to the start of our work, data exchange with the crm system has already been implemented. From the managers, we learned that the existing data exchange works with errors: the site did not update the cost after changing it in crm. We fixed upload file processing errors and increased the frequency of data updates.
We have enabled automatic conversion of cost in currency: now the catalog always has up-to-date prices, and the user can choose a convenient currency for displaying.
When photos are added to the site, they are automatically watermarked with the agency's logo.


Together with the site update, the telephony provider was updated: the company used mobile telephony, which we proposed to replace with modern ip-telephony

What did you get?

We always count, but we can't show all the numbers.
But we can do some of them!
1 gratitude
from company managers
Increase site visibility
in search engines
Actual information
on the site
Order a project

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