Developed a modern website for Moslesgroup

Provides legal services in the real estate market and land relations.
Business card site
Moslesgroup provides legal services in the real estate market and land relations. The company's team has been working since 2006. As with all services, the name of the contractor and successful cases are very important in the legal market.

Task set by the customer

Make a website that can be used as a business card and as a resource for promoting the company's services on the market.

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
3 months
Advertising campaign start:
June 2018

What tools did you use

Contextual advertising systems G.Adwords and Y.Direct, analytics systems G.Analitics and Y.Metrika, HTML/CSS/JS.Graphic editors Figma.Excel, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Bitrix

Studied competitors

Competitors' main advertising channels: native, contextual and targeted advertising.
In the legal market, it is not customary to make specific promises to a client. This is a weak point in the advertising of many law firms.
Study competitors

Developed USP
and positioning

Lawyers usually use vague language. Our positioning suggestion was the accuracy of the client's expectations. For each company service, we calculated the time required for the client to receive its result and indicated it on the site pages.
We conducted a study and found out that clients have two main fears: losing time without getting a result and increasing the amount of the contract in the process of work.In the advantages of the company, they indicated a firm position: work if you are not sure about the result;
  • - we do not increase the transaction amount after the conclusion of the contract.
  • Developed USP and positioning
    Developed a corporate website
    We have repeatedly convinced ourselves that it is more convenient to draw a site design from ready-made texts. It was the same this time.
    We chose Bitrix as the CMS, implemented the site on the Start edition.
    Look here:

    advertising campaigns

    The customer has chosen a part of the services for sales in the market of Moscow and the Moscow region: they are in steady demand. They were advertised in the Direct and Adwords systems.
    For Direct
    The average cost per click was 46 rubles
    Average ctr for the campaign 14%
    Conversion from going to the application 2.8%, on average 3.2 visits to the application
    For Adwords
    Average cost per click was 34 rubles
    Average ctr for the campaign 9%
    Conversion from going to the application 2.2%.
    Medium ctr
    46 rubles
    cost per click
    Started advertising campaigns

    What did you get?

    An opportunity to take a fresh look at your own work already done. And of course, nice numbers.
    ROMI 3 months after launch
    Applications per day are generated by ads
    Total Site Conversion
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