Elaborated a contempo website
for Moslesgroup

The Moslesgroup company provides legal services in the real estate market and land law. The company has been working since 2006. As with all other services, the name of the contractor and successful cases are crucial in the legal market.

The task set by our customer

  • Create a website that can be used as a business card and as a resource for promoting company services on the market.

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time: 3 months
  • Marketing campaign launch: June 2018

The tasks we solved

  • Studied the market and conducted competitive analysis.
  • Compiled a list of services and pages necessary for the site
  • Identified competitive advantages and enunciated USP.
  • Developed the data structure of all pages, texts and their prototypes.
  • Developed the design & layout and connected it to the content management system.
  • Launched advertising campaigns inYandex Direct and Google Adwords.

The tools we used

Contextual advertising systems G.Adwords and Y.Direct, analytics systems G.Analitics and Y.Metrika, HTML/CSS/JS. Graphic editors Figma. Excel, Google Docs, Google Spredshits, Bitrix

Conducted competitive analysis

The main advertising channels of key competitors are native, contextual, and targeted advertising.

In the legal market, giving specific promises to a client is not a common practice. This is a weak spot in advertising for many law firms.

Developed USP and market positioning

Lawyers are masterminds of innuendoes, evasiveness and ambiguities. Our positioning proposal rested upon the accuracy of defined customer expectations. For each service rendered by the firm, we calculated the time required to get the deliverables and indicated it on the pages of the site.

We conducted a study and found out that clients had two main fears: the loss of time with no result obtained and a hike-up in the contract fees during the execution process. Thus, as an advantage, the company had a solid commitment indicated explicitly:
- we do not take up work if we are not sure about the result
- we do not increase the contract fee after the contract has been signed

Developed a corporate website

Practice has repeatedly proven the fact that it’s more convenient to draw a website design from ready-made texts.So it was this time.
We chose Bitrix as the CMS, implemented the site via the Start editorial office. .

Launched advertising campaigns

The customer chose some services for sale in Moscow and Moscow region markets. Those services are in steady demand. We advertised them in Direct and Adwords systems.

For Direct

  • Average cost per click: 46 rubles
  • Average CTR per campaign: 14%
  • Click per acquisition Conversion rate: 2.8%, on average 3.2 visits to application

For Adwords

  • Average cost per click: 34 rubles
  • Average CTR per campaign: 9%
  • Click per acquisition Conversion rate: 2.2%.


An opportunity to have a fresh take at our own previous completed work. And of course, nice figures.

ROMI in 3 months after launch
Increase in the average bill compared to a similar project
NCF business growth

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