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New Paradigm

Customer focus
as it is.
A photo
Site-business card
New Paradigm is a great project in the labor protection market. Our customers, the inspirers of the project, proposed a new approach to outsourcing labor protection in the enterprise: in their work, the team exceeds the requirements of labor protection legislation and offers a user-friendly approach : develop documents "for people". "Documentation on labor protection, which will be read because it is understandable" - they say in the company. Customer focus - as it is! We are rooting for the success of this project: this is an undisguised business romance.

Task set by the customer

Develop a corporate identity, design and make a website for the company

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
3 weeks
Launch page:
November 2019

What tools did you use

The design and prototypes were drawn in Figma, the architecture and database were designed in Excel, the main part of the data was also aggregated in a tabular format. The company uses Robokassa as a payment system, in addition to it, the "Thank you!" system is connected to the site from Sberbank.
We used Bitrix in the Business edition as a CMS, with the ability to support several retail outlets. For printing - InDesign, LiveDune for SMM analytics, Yandex Direct and Yandex Metrika, Google ADS and Analytics. We set up uploading for Y.Market and G.Merchants. Trigger mailings were implemented through the Orlan system.

We formulated idea
and suggested positioning

Together with the New Paradigm team, we developed the marketing component of the project.
The company's mission is to change the labor protection market and bring a client-oriented approach to it.
The goal of the company: to form a culture of safe production among its customers.
Together with the team of the company, we have developed the composition and value of the product.We have very deeply worked out the format of the offers on the pages and individual blocks, in which we have indicated the main differences in the company's product.
An emergency system for labor protection was invented for the site: the New Paradigm team is ready to prepare the necessary package of documents in just 1 day. An excellent offer for the labor protection market!

Invented logo
and brand identity

Suggested 7 logo styles and 3 color schemes for design. Businessmen often choose blue and near-state symbols for consulting in the field of legislation and government. In our case, green was chosen as an alternative solution: a fresh look at the traditional market.

website concept

We work on each service separately: experience, values, composition of the USP, offer, composition of several price offers for our audiences. For each service, a block was provided indicating the amount of the fine for non-compliance with the requirements of the law.
To work on the site, we chose a per-slide implementation. Each slide has its own url-address: it is convenient to send a link to specific information. Visitors will find most of the useful information in pop-up windows.
A blog is planned for the site It helps to promote "New Paradigm" in search engines for information requests and in social networks. We plan to work with e-mail newsletters.

Had a photo shoot

We prepared and conducted a photo session with the project team for the website and work in social networks. We worked in the studio, took both portrait photos and story shots.
Parts of the photos have been clipped from the background and used for the website and company presentations.
Did design
and made the page
The site design used a two-column layout, a 12-grid layout. Design elements were placed from the center, navigation elements and menu buttons were located at the edges. We got an efficiently organized screen space.
Designed the page in BEM. While working on the project, we showed a sports interest in optimizing the speed of work. We connected lazy loading of images, gulp.js, all the icons were made in svg have reduced the number of download threads.

presentation of the company

Based on the website design, we made a template for .pptx presentations, and connected it as a background in Power Point.
In the Figma graphics editor, we developed the design and the main presentation of the company from the layouts that we made for the site. This presentation is easy to edit and resave in pdf format.

Some numbers

Our first result is a high-quality digital and offline presentation for the start of the company.
3 weeks
Took marketing and site launch
9 persons
Joint Project Team
Cups of coffee drank before the site was released
Order a project

Do you have a similar task? Contact us and we will share our experience and help with the implementation!

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