Design and development of the site, marketing and advertising support of the hotel paradiso

Hotel Paradiso is located on a mountain slope in South Tyrol and offers its guests winter and summer leisure programs
Our team accompanied the hotel update in the new concept - “The first vegetarian hotel in the dolomites.” as part of the reconcaction, the hotel owners made the overhaul of the hotel in the new eco -design, completely changed the menu and deployed the CONTEMPORARY ART direction based on events based on events basedhotel.Our work coincided with the closing of the region in connection with Covid -19. When creating an online booking system on the site, we deeply studied the Opentravel Alliance protocol - on the basis of which we developed a control system and automation of the reservation.

The task set by the

Provide marketing and advertising support to the hotel team during reconception.

The resume of the project

Preparation for the project:
2 months
Beginning of work:
Launch of the first version of the site:
Delivery of basic work on TK:

Formulated mission and values brand

We worked as part of a concept created together with external consultants.It formulated it as , in the context of cleanliness and naturalness. This concept combines more than a set of services: rather, this is a way of life.
It includes:,, pure.must, pure.liquid, pure.power, pure.learning.For example, pure.liquid - the hotel offers guests a set of organic and biodynamic wines (chemicals for processing and fertilizer are not used in the production of such wines).To arrange all the points of touching the brand with the client, we relied on this concept.

Our team has developed the values and mission of the brand.Then we designed them in the form of a completed text and translated into Italian, German and Russian language.
You can read more about the mission on the site of the Paradiso hotel

site structure

Before starting work on the site, we have worked the structure of the project and its integration.
  • Provide guests with comprehensive information about the concept of the hotel
  • To introduce visitors to the site with the restaurant menu, make in an interactive format and collect guests on the next day menu.
  • Present the hotel restaurant team
  • automatically transmit information about booking to the corporate system
  • The opportunity for visitors to work in 4 languages: English, Italian, German, Russian
  • To become a 'information center' for the implementation of the advertising strategy and community of adherents lifestyle.
The structure of the site was designed in the form of a prototype, and in this form worked and agreed with representatives of all the teams with which we had to interact.
*It can be used to collect pre -orders for the kitchen the next day
Разработали структуру сайта

Drew the design

The design is based on stable rectangular shapes and natural colors: brown, green, gold.They focused on visual content: modern interiors, nature and landscapes around the hotel, Food photo.
When working on the site, we significantly enriched Brandbook of the project , which the German team worked on:
  • finalized the font pair
  • finalized the color palette
  • We worked out a set of elements for the design of
    mock-ups for Web environment
  • Developed and designed photostil
For the project, we have created 3 options for the design of the site , and one of them worked in 4 color solutions for the choice of the customer.
Drew the design
We flashed and launched the site on front -end
We started working on the project in May 2019, and according to the plan of the advertising campaign, we needed to launch the site by September.We understood that the deadline for full launch is unrealistic, so we developed and launched the version of the site on Fronten with limited functionality.
Our decision made it possible to set the periods available for booking: in the winter season, the hotel receives guests for 7, 14 or 21 nights, with the date of arrival and departure only on Sundays.In addition, for Christmas holidays, periods of 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 days are available for arrival.We fit all these rules in a reservation form understandable to the user.Applications for reservation from users came to the post of hotel managers from the site.

After 3 months we launched the site on CMS, and later finalized it and taught the hotel employees to work with it.


At the first launch, we connected several services convenient for visitors to the service site.
Online camera with view of the hotel
Near the hotel is a ski lift equipped with an Online camera.We received permission and connected the opportunity to see the image from it right on the hotel website.
Booking passage for travel to the territory
We made a special form that allowed guests on a car in an online mode to order a special pass for travel to the territory of the national park in which the hotel is located.
Weather at the hotel
We connected a service that shows current weather and air temperature according to the nearest weather station.
Instructions 'How to find us'
The hotel is located at a distance from large highways.We worked out the instruction “How to get” and made integration with Google-Map: From anywhere, you can lay the route immediately on the maps of the mobile device.

Multi -language

60% of visitors come to the site from Italy, another 15% from Germany, however, the project is conceived and implemented as an international .The main version of the site was created in English for promotion at the international level.For the convenience of the audience, all the main sections are translated into German, Italian and Russian.
We worked out each language version separately, with the involvement of translators and marketing and sales specialists.In each case, we did not only translation of the text, but also localization: we checked whether the meanings with idioms were conflicts, studied consumer behavior and decision -making process.% after 15 months


The site has been developed of its own reservation module.Its use allows you to reduce the amount of booking through the service, in which the reservation of the reservation commission is 25% for the region in which the hotel is located.

Administrators have the opportunity:

Manage the days of the week at which the arrival of
(due to the location of the hotel, such functionality is especially relevant in the winter season, as it directly affects the cost of delivery of guests to the hotel)
Manage the timing of the races in different periods:
set the minimum and maximum reservation period, or set the strict reservation period*
Sell the remnants of the license plate with late booking (Short STAY) (for users who want to come in the near future, the opportunity opens the opportunity to book a small number of nights, but with an additional margin)
Flexibly manage the price for each number and the cost of additional options in it (such as the cost of additional space, the cost of accommodation of adults, children of different ages, animals)
Add to solitary numbers to children indicating the upper boundary of the age (so that mothers and child can call in the Single number equipped with Queen bed)
manage the margin for numbers depending on the duration of the period from the reservation to the arrival
*The reservation show, which is set by the tough period, allows you to limit the days of arrival: guests can call and leave on a certain day of the week.This is due to the peculiarities of work in the winter period of the National Park in which the hotel is located.For example, in the winter season in the standard periods, the day of races/departments is resurrection, but there is a festive period when races/departures can be organized more often - the system allows how to establish the rules of arrival and make exceptions.
The visitor to the site is placed as part of one window , in which he can choose, book and pay for his vacation.The cost of the order is detailed by the type of selected numbers and by the options selected in them by the user.The reservation form was implemented using vue.js
Management of the calendar and the room fund operates through the system of reference books in the admin panels of the site.We have worked an interface for the manager, so that working with the site takes a minimum of time.

Integration in the
hotel management system

The hotel operates on ASA-J*software.This system is recorded by the entire hotel’s activities, both financial and accounting, including the movements of the TMC, store the license plate database.ASA-J operates a system for managing access to numbers, connecting to the WiFi network and Internet access, restaurant and kitchen management.
The ASA -J system has a significant drawback: it does not support the exchange of data in real time and double -sided exchange, so in the site database it is necessary to manually maintain relevant information on the loading of the room fund - to exclude Overbooking.

transfers OTA (Opentravel Alliance) to the ASA-J hotel management system on schedule: every 6-10 minutes the site transfers all new information in XML format. On the basis of the ASA-J XML files automatically fills out the application, the manager only needs to accept it in the system, and, if necessary, leave a comment.
The payment gateway is provided by reiffeisenbank.
* ASA-J - a local hotel control system. It has been developed since 1989 by an Italian company. It works as a local server for Windows, and does not have its own module for working in Web. The exchange between the ASA-J system and the site is based on OTA standards (Opentravel Alliance) using the AlpineBits exchange protocol. This protocol is developed and supported by AlpineBits Alliance - a group of tourist operators operating in the Alps. The protocol is distributed under the Creative Commons license, so we presented increased security requirements for the exchange module.

Developed module of special offers

Marketing and advertising activity required an additional tool from the site that would make it possible to work outside the rules and prices of standard reservation set for the seasonal period.We designed and developed the “Special Offers” module.
The module allows you to create proposals for booking each individual number, in any selected dates at any price. For each language version - and, accordingly, the audience - there is an opportunity to create a different offer for the timing, cost and filling with services.

In the event that one of the special offers occurs, for the period when others apply to the same number, the system will automatically remove all other special offers from publication.

The tool allows the administration quickly and quickly Launch small advertising activity, for point filling of empty days during periods.

Video clock
about the chef

In the restaurant section, we posted information about the food concept at the hotel, chef, restaurant menu and tasting sets.We made a separate page for pizza with information about pizza, special equipment for the manufacture of pizza and a separate pizza manager.
They created the opportunity to control separately each type of menu.Now the hotel uses two different menu: a la car and pizza, for the future we have provided for connecting the menu for children.

Each menu has a printed version to put it in a seal on paper.Guests are happy to use the electronic version of the menu through tablets located in the public areas of the hotel.


The hotel created a special space for exhibitions, performance and events of contemporary art. for advertising and information support of such events, we created a separate section on the site.
For each artist who is exhibited at the hotel, we create a separate page with information about him.To promote events, we use social networks and e-mail newsletters.

The hotel management has highlighted this area into a separate business and develops it.
Created a blog
In each language version of the site, a blog was created.It allows you to place content marketing materials and promote them in the search and social networks.For each language, the article of the blog can be different, like hashtags: 4 independent blog in different languages are implemented on the site.
For social networks, a microdenter was introduced - preliminary viewing of the page on Facebook is specified on the side of the site.

Blog articles are implemented on the principle of the designer.Each article can be collected from basic elements in a unique sequence.This allows managers to use a different content structure for articles depending on the goals.

Made a few Landings for advertising

It is also convenient to make landing pages on the site as blog articles.When developing the site, we created a typical set of layout elements that can be used as a page designer.From this set we create landing pages on the site.
For advertising, we have developed several landing pages.They are collected from typical elements, if necessary, to place the necessary content in the form of the HTML code.

Now pages are available on the site dedicated to summer and winter rest, as well as about Wellness services at the hotel.

Made a proprietary presentation and a typical template

Our designer team has developed a presentation for the work of sales managers with B2B customers and journalists.They worked out the composition of the presentation and designed the agreed content.
On its basis, they made templates with standard elements, in case managers need to add new information or create a new presentation.All developed materials were packed in the PPTX format, additionally conveyed in the FIGMA files.

You can see what happened, you can by the link.

Developed photostyle

While working on the project, it was necessary to explain to the photographers rules that would allow the most efficient use of photos on the site.We issued the solution to this problem in the form of a separate document in Russian and English, in which the standards of a photo language indicated: the layout of the frame, preferred settings of color profiles, the depths of sharply visible space, focal distances and much more.
This document allows you to maintain a single style of photo materials on social networks and on the site, and is a working tool and an important part of the company's brandbook.
You can see this link:

Adjusted the advertisement

In the European Union, where we promoted the hotel in the first place, two advertising tools are popular: facebook and google.A number of directions:
  • Permanent advertising campaigns aimed at the recognition of the brand among vegetarians.
  • Contextual advertising campaigns, on those who are looking for a vacation on a ski slope.
  • We worked out a set of elements for designing layouts for Web environment
  • Campaign on special offers, for different countries.
The hotel collaborates with large portals dedicated to vegetarian culture and purchases advertisements on the popular world resource Pre-showed collaborations with instagram bloggers: mostly microbloggers who are passionate about healthy diet and travel.
advertising campaigns

Some numbers

We always think, but not all numbers can show.
But some can be a little!
from 18
Applications to book daily
pages of the site
visitors per day
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