How we increased sales of training
courses for PNR Co.

Parus – National Reforms company – sells training courses for public officers and medical staff, offers IT-consulting and implements solutions based on Parus Corporation products.

The task set by our customer

  • Increase sales of training courses for healthcare workers.

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time: 2 months
  • Marketing campaign launch: July 2017

The tasks we solved

  • Examined the market: what is in demand and how competitors perform.
  • Designed landing pages.
  • Adjusted and ran contextual advertising.
  • We tried several pricing models, and opted for the most balanced one.
  • We figured out how to sell customers more than one course.

The tools we used

G.Adwords and Y.Direct contextual advertising systems

G.Analitics and Y. Metrika analytics systems

Roistat end-to-end analytics system, Bitrix24 CRM-system, HTML / CSS / JS.

A bit of brains.

The design was done in Figma.

Designed landing pages

We set a measurable & scalable goal – a user draws up an application for a course in three steps. We developed a landing page for each course and then conducted a series of a/b tests to select the most effective page title, the order of presentation of the material and the composition of the unique selling proposition.

They received a conversion of 2.4% per click on the page into a chat with the company manager, and after two months they increased this indicator to 3.1%.

Tapped Roistat analytics system in

To save on advertising, we implemented a Roistat-based end-to-end analytics system, integrated Roistat with the Bitrix24 CRM-system, telephony and landing pages. After implementing this solution, the cost of online advertising reduced by 28%.

Adjusted advertising campaigns

We compiled a list of targeted search queries and developed a set of ads based on that data, next came the launch of advertising campaigns in Direct and Adwords. We set up retargeting advertising campaigns, waited for 4 months. Then we looked at Roistat, analyzed which queries led to sales and which didn't. Those that did not result in sales were forgone.

The average CTR on campaigns was 18%. The average cost per action dropped from 204 (before work) to 39 rubles.

Our deliverables

ROMI hit 760% in the first two months

The company managed to gain a steady foothold in the market.
Average conversion rate of the page
Cost of application via the advertising campaign

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