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accompanying of the Pelmeniki project.
Promo page
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Internet store
Pelmeniki - A cool company that produces and sells high -quality dumplings of manual modeling.The assortment of the company presents traditional Russian meat dumplings and dumplings, and various not traditional options for us: ravioli, manti, Gödza.We started the work with the restoration of the interface of the online store and competitive analysis.

The start of work on the project coincided with the introduction of coronary restrictions in Moscow.Delivery of food grew at a huge pace, and the corners and cafes closed.

The task set by the

Increase the turnover of the company

The resume of the project

Start edge:
May 2019
Project delivery:
October 2020

corporate identity

When we connected to the project, it turned out that we are far from the first contractor.There was no brandbook in the company, all advertising materials were united by each other only by the name.There was no general style: only created by different companies.As the basis of the design of dumplings, yellow was used.We did not find other signs of corporate identity during the initial examination.
We proposed changing the design towards premium style, according to the segment of the target audience chosen by the customer. As branded colors, they decided to use the triad black-red-white, where black or white is background colors, and red as an accent. We chose a font without cuttings. The forming elements were drawn without sharp corners (after all, they are not in dumplings either). The processing of advertising materials was done gradually, as the need appeared, they introduced a new style. This made it possible to form only the necessary carriers for the brandbook, which were checked by the customer in working conditions.
Form style

new site design

We were faced with the task, to reflect the premium and modernity of the project .As the basics of design, they chose black.We developed 3 options for color schemes: one of them was invented completely black, but they abandoned this option, despite its more premium appearance.We found out that all food delivery aggregators use a light background for their sites and applications, as a result, the appearance of the same product could differ in the product card on the Pelmeniki website and in external promotion channels.
The design used icons that were planned to be used for packaging dumplings.General elements of style created for the site are suitable for printing: pattern, color accents, font.
Developed the structure of the site
Recycled site structure
Before the work, the site’s structure did not contain pages of the product - the client could make an order exclusively from the list of goods. We made separate pages of products, as usual for online stores .The addition of individual pages for the product solves two problems at once: it improves the SEO-indicators of the site, increases the conversion due to marketing solutions on cards of individual products.In the cards of the goods, we posted detailed information about each type of dumplings, including KBJU, description and similar goods.
The catalog simplified the purchase: created the opportunity to quickly add goods to the listing basket with a choice of quantity.a list of ordered goods from any page page.The order score was reduced to a minimum number of steps, in addition, the automatic substitution of addresses for authorized users was designed.It became easy to buy on the site: the order can be placed for 3-8 clicks.

Studied competitors

Having studied the company's accounts, we suggested that the company uses improper pricing of its key products dumplings and dumplings.To confirm this hypothesis, they conducted a study by competitors in this grocery segment, among companies offering dumplings in Moscow and the Moscow region.
59 companies got into the sample, the cut was made in two groups: wholesale suppliers who work, including in contract production, retail companies, such as LepimVarim.
Studying a competitive environment for Mascotte Consulting

Based on the results of we have formed the recommendations for the company:

For an existing audience:
  • Review the size of consumer packages in the direction of typical volumes accepted on the market
  • Create gourmets based on mini-packages
For development and access to new segments:
  • Create a product line based on a basic assortment with lower prices

Competitive analysis

unique positions of the
assortment of dumplings
4 directions:
retail, manufacturers,
cafes, restaurants
b2b and b2c

Developed promo pages

The company Pelmeniki has its own production.It supplies products not only under its brand, but also in the framework of contract production for stores and the hospitality industry (HoReCa: cafes, restaurants, hotels).For this direction, we worked out a commercial offer and made a promo page.You can see it by the link.
They made a promotional page for the delivery of ready-made dumplings. The page does not work for ordering, but allows you to go to one of several popular delivery services, and place an order.

While working on the project, dumplings were represented by a network of corners on food courts in the shopping center and the Moscow shopping center and one cafe, in Which visitors could purchase ready -made dumplings and additional products (drinks, SNECs). We have developed a separate page for retail, where we showed the addresses and the current menu for each place of sale. After a long break caused by the closure of food courts, during sanitary and epidemiological restrictions, dumplings temporarily do not develop this direction.
The design and handed it to the programmers
The company's staff has an interior development department that works with its own stack of technology.We flashed all the layouts, including their adaptive versions, and supported the programmers' team until the project in Production with corrections and improvements.
Turned out, traditionally, in BEM, received gratitude from the team of programmers for accuracy and comfortable cooperation.

The speed of loading the product card before programming: 0.8 seconds

The project was implemented on CMS Mod-x

advertising printing
and packaging design

While working on the project, we significantly finalized the set of printing materials of the company.All layouts were made in accordance with the new proprietary style.We made layouts:
  • Hengers
  • Menu
  • Flora
  • Lightbox
  • Table-Tent
  • Cash registration
  • Packaging for Yandex.Dera
  • Stickers
All layouts were transmitted to editing format.

Set up
advertising campaigns

We picked up the advertising campaigns from the team that advertised before us.REVICED Semantics, made new ads.
с 7,2%
до 11,4%
CTR on average on the
campaign was raised (month to month)
на 11%
reduced advertising costs
in the first month of work
We launched advertising campaigns


We always think, but not all numbers can show.But some we can!
50+ layouts
Updated the design
online store and the company's company style
59 companies
Were respondents in our study
16 months
We restarted the project, and it is successfully for more than a year from the beginning of our work* (before starting work it was planned to be closed)
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