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Pipefix is ​​a small start-up focused on the repair and restoration of sewage systems. The company's service is primarily of interest to residents of houses who, under the pretext of the impossibility of repairing sewers, are relocated to new houses under the renovation program in Moscow. Pipefix offers cleaning and coating sewerage pipes with a polymer layer without the need to excavate and replace the pipe itself.We have prepared and launched a business card website for the company.

Task set by the customer

Develop a business card website for the project

Project Summary

Preparing for work:
3 months
Get Started:
January 2020
Delivery of work:
May 2020

What tools did you use

The design and prototype were drawn in Figma, the text was transferred with the customer in Word.

Together with the specialists of the company wrote the text of the page

Our own competencies were not enough to create a quality text: we worked together with specialists who are very well versed in the subject area. The result satisfies two groups of people at once: it is understandable to non-specialists and competent enough so that any specialist can trust the company as professionals.

Developed an interactive diagram
for the project

One of the most time-consuming tasks within the project was the development of an interactive sewerage system diagram for the site. The diagram had to be developed in such a way that competent specialists would not find errors in it.
The sewerage system diagram displays and describes all the key nodes of the systems of an apartment building, difficult places are indicated, and places requiring special attention. Some of the points were accompanied by photographs.
Interactive diagram
Done prototype and design
Page structure: classic selling landing. Offer, advantages of the offer, advantages of technology, consumer problems that the product solves.
Some parts had to be hidden at the time of the start of the advertisement: the campaign did not have its own video and photo materials in order to to place them on the page. Content is delivered as it is ready.
Look here:

Result of work

Cool interactive apartment building sewer map and sales page
3 weeks
Took to develop page with text and graphics
1.2 sec.
Page loading speed with Yandex.Metrica running
8 hours
Spent on translating technical documentation from German
Order a project

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