Premium Technologies: website development, promotion of company services and products

We developed a promotional website and advertising campaigns to promote retail and small wholesale sales of Schüco products and additional services of Premium Technologies.
one page store
Promo page
Landing page
Premium Technologies is the retail division of the Premium Group. The company's team is engaged in the development of retail sales of individual glazing projects with Schüco window systems. In addition to window systems, the company offers the sale of Adeco door fillings, Roma sun protection systems, Solarlux systems.

Premium Group is one of the largest processors of Schüco systems in Russia. The company's employees have a strong expertise in projects glazing for large customers, which wise old employees passed on to the Premium Technologies project.

Task set
by the customer

Develop a promo page to support sales managers.

Project Summary

Get Started:
November 2020
Delivery project:
December 2021

What tools did you use

For design - traditional Figma, and some Illustrator. Code - html/css/js. Excel and Word for reporting. For advertising: Yandex.Direct, Google.Adwords and Facebook.Data viewed in CoMagik, Metrika and Analytics.

Edited text

Before starting work on the site, we divided the areas of responsibility. We wrote the script, and the managers of composed the text of the page. Then we together, during 3 joint meetings, worked out what they got.
  • Reworked the title of the first screen of the page
  • Reformulated the differences and advantages of the company
  • Refined the advantages and scheme of interaction with the company
In addition, we did a general editing of the page text: removed repetitions, cleaned up semantic inconsistencies, corrected verb forms and split overlong sentences into parts.
Text edited

Done USP for different audiences

Before starting work, we made a segmentation and a map of the consumer's journey and their purchase decision: customer journey map.
Get 4 main roles:
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Foremen
  • Owners
For each of the roles, we worked out 2-3 conveniences and advantages of working with PremiumTechnologies and placed them in a separate block on the page.
Made USP for different audiences

Brandbook finalized

Before starting work, the brandbook of the company contained a minimum of information: logo (without security margins), font and 3 corporate colors.
We came up with a styling rectangle that we used in background structures, controls, and main blocks.
On the site we use the following font pair: Raleway and Stockport.
Improved the brand book

Designed Schuco product catalog

The site is designed in a per-slide implementation: each block occupies the entire browser screen. In the product catalog slide, we had to deviate from this rule: it provides navigation through systems and scrolling within the slide, for large selections of systems.
In order to place all the necessary information, we have proposed 2 levels of navigation:
  1. 1. choice of profile material: aluminum or pvc
  2. 2. choice of product: window and door systems, structural glazing, fittings, etc
For each product, detailed information is available in the popup window: technical specifications, system features, compatible available colors, accessories, including electronics. Each Popup window is available with its own hash link that can be used in advertising or forward.
Designed Schuco product catalog
Designed and made up the site
A lot of images were used in the design, which served as a visualization of the meanings in the block: while the managers insisted on architecture, and we insisted on situations, contexts, and photographs with people. There are a lot of elements of the Schüco identity next to the Premium Technologies identity: our goal was to visually link the two brands.
Not all blocks were able to find icons in the libraries: some of them were drawn by our designers.
Designed using the BEM methodology, images were connected according to the new requirements of Google in web-p format. Without advertising systems counters installed, the site loading took 1.1 seconds, both versions were over 90 points on Page Speed ​​Insight Google.

Made a section with the company's experience

For manufacturing companies and service companies, experience is the most important part of the site. It allows you to show potential customers the possibilities of production, and convince them to leave a request, get advice.
On the Premium Technologies website, we combined video and photo projects into a common gallery in one block. In addition to the visual part, we provided the possibility of a text description: what the company team did , what difficulties did you encounter, what unique solutions did you apply.

Created a separate promo page for Living Slide systems

In the spring of 2021, we were given the task of launching an advertising campaign for the updated range of Schüco sliding systems. We have developed a separate promo page, search contextual display advertising campaigns.
The page carefully described the advantages of the Living Slide system and its purpose, and the text of the advertisements indicated the commercial advantages of ordering this system from PremiumTechnologies.
We made a section with the experience of the company

Developed svg animations

Our task was to show site visitors the opening options for the Schüco LivingSlide system. We redrawn the drawings from the manufacturer's documentation in vector format, and then developed animated opening diagrams from them.
The animation works on hover on the desktop version of the site and on tap on the mobile/tablet version. The solution did not affect the page load speed: 5 svg files weigh only 28kb.

the design of posts and advertising in social networks

In the fall of 2021, our design team was given the task of standardizing the design of posts for social networks and banners for targeted advertising.

Interesting: SMM in the company is sporadic and extremely unsystematic: an attempt to systematize this area through the development of content design templates, without a content plan and strategy, looked unnatural.

Set up and launched advertising campaigns

We have compiled and developed a semantic core for search and display advertising in Yandex and Google systems.
Based on the results of the first month,:
Set up and launch advertising campaigns

Implemented CallTracking

CoMagik was implemented to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It combines data from advertising systems, tracks calls and collects sales data from Bitrix24.
At the same time, it allowed company managers to automate reporting and get up-to-date data on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at any time.
Made a stub site for the main domain
The Premium Technologies website is located on the third-level domain of the Premium Group website. We have developed a simple solution for one computer screen that works as a landing page for different areas of the group's business companies.


We always count, but we can't show all the numbers. But we can do some of them!
8 people
Project team
Different layouts
designed for the project
~2400 RUB
Application cost after
campaign optimization
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