Development and advertising
online store
'Pro Cosmetik'

Internet store for
cosmetics chain.
Internet store
The chain of stores "Pro Cosmetik" is represented in Moscow, the very first store the chain opened on Leninsky Prospekt. Today, in addition to it, retail outlets in the shopping center Okhotny Ryad, Atrium and shopping center RIO. Stores offer a very wide range of professional cosmetics, in retail outlets you can also get advice from a professional trichologist. The company "Pro Cosmetic " conducts master classes and client days.Prior to cooperation with 3owls, the main marketing tool in the company is prices and discounts.

Task set by the customer

Launch online retail sales

Project Summary

Launch promo pages
to test hypotheses:
2 months
Preparing to launch
online store:
8 months
Start of the store's advertising
May 2019

What tools did you use

The design and prototypes were drawn in Figma, the architecture and database were designed in Excel, the main part of the data was also aggregated in a tabular format. The company uses Robokassa as a payment system, in addition to it, the "Thank you!" system is connected to the site from Sberbank.
We used Bitrix in the Business edition as a CMS, with the ability to support several retail outlets. For printing - InDesign, LiveDune for SMM analytics, Yandex Direct and Yandex Metrika, Google ADS and Analytics. We set up uploading for Y.Market and G.Merchants. Trigger mailings were implemented through the Orlan system.
Branding and identity

and identity

The company corporately uses red color in its design. We did not change the color content, but we redesigned the logo and branding itself, and also used the name in Latin: Pro Cosmetik. Together with it, we changed the main font to a more modern and readable one distributed under the Open Font License.


Minimalist, clean, beautiful.
We used white as the main color, and red for accents. Contours and borders were made as light as possible, the airiness of the site design was obtained through the use of grids. Round shapes were inherited from the logo. Font Montserrat.
Promo page
Page promo
Several programs have been developed to organize promotions and incentives, a landing page has been made for each promotion. Such pages are organized by brands or product groups and offer either a discount or a gift.
Promotion conditions are calculated automatically, the user immediately sees his advantage in the cart when placing an order.

UX solutions

Combined shopping cart and checkout into one screen. This decision in this project reduced the number of abandoned carts by 8%.
Reduced the number of required fields and steps in the checkout form by 11 compared to the old version of the store. In the product card, we combined the ability to buy goods from the company's warehouse and on order, and we place it in a single order.
Quick order is good and comfortable. We did.

Technical solutions

We used white as the main color, and red for accents. Contours and borders were made as light as possible, the airiness of the site design was obtained through the use of grids. Round shapes were inherited from the logo. Font Montserrat.
Implemented a very rich filter for selecting products, added the formation of static addresses to the filter. SEO-specialists were pleased.

1C to products with properties: of product offers.
Technical solutions
Online store
We manage the assortment of the online store through integration with corporate systems 1С Retail. We edit the assortment matrix in Excel, and then transfer it to by processing >.
We actively use the blog: in articles, you can display carousels with content-relevant products. A special button was made in the catalog to display only products with discounts.
Look here:


The site works in exchange with the 1C Retail corporate system: we manage the assortment, inventory and orders through the exchange.
In addition, we have integrated with delivery services, set up a module for working with the "Thank you!" system from Sberbank.

Connected online payment system Robokassa Set up the unloading of goods to the systems Yandex Market and Google Merchants.

and branding

Developed branded packages, business cards for points of sale and employees, design of navigation inside trading floors, leaflets for promoters, window dressing during promotions.

Video clips

We made several small and budget video clips for rotation on monitors in shopping centers where the chain's retail stores are located, and on monitors in retail outlets of the store itself.

SMS mailings

Carried out segmentation of the customer base (RFM) and organized trigger SMS mailings for customer segments. We tried different mailing mechanisms, the most effective option was to accrue bonuses to the customer's card with a limited period of their use.
Reactivated the database during a period of seasonal sales decline. Conversion to store visit was 11.2%, ROI - 1980 %
SMS alerts


Leading the company's communities on VK and Instagram. In 5 months, we removed the Instagram account from filters, increased the number of unique views by 3 times and achieved an increase in natural reach comparable to the work of mass following.
The number of clicks from
social networks increased by 2 times.
Conversion from subscribers to site visit 1.97%.

Set up advertising campaigns in Y.Direct, G.Adwords

First, we tested the work of search campaigns, in two weeks we saw that the main emphasis should be placed on YAN and GMS. We made a large number of banner advertising campaigns and retargeting.
In order to be able to work with Marketplaces, Y.Market and G.Merchants set up automatic upload of the product catalog for them.
CTR in search
31 rubles
average cost per click in search
Set up advertising campaigns
Order a project

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