Marketing support of the cleaning company «Reconi»

Promo website of the company and everything necessary for the work of the sales department
Company «Reconi» provides cleaning and additional services for businesses in Moscow and the Moscow region. The company has its own fleet of modern equipment, which is constantly updated. Reconi provides its clients with full cycle services: development of effective regulations, cleaning and any additional services, internal quality control.

We were faced with the task of finalizing the corporate identity, developing positioning, web-design and the company's website.

The task set by the customer

Create a website and promotional materials for promotion

Project Summary

Beginning of work:
May 2020
Launch of the project
March 2020

Compiled positioning, structure and page text

The purpose of the promo page is to help in sales. We suggested that the company should focus on experience and efficiency. The page structure provided the necessary blocks for this.
The company Reconi offers its clients both complex services, at the conclusion of the contract, and one-time. One-time cleaning allows future clients to work with the company before signing a contract.
Compiled positioning, structure and page text

Created a website prototype

The site is made as a single page, but contains a lot of detailed information in pop-up windows: we made the most of the rich experience of our employees.

During the development of the prototype, we thought about how it would be convenient to place a large amount of text on the page.
All user scenarios have been simplified as much as possible: the task of the page is to convince the user to leave the application, and not complicate this task for the user.
Created a website prototype

Drawn design

For each thematic block, a key visualization was selected to illustrate the meaning of the block.
We highlight key information in bright colors: this helps users not to get lost in a large amount of text. The design is minimalistic and in this case should only help the user not to get lost in a large amount of content.
Drawn design
Designed and
programmed the site
The site is updated infrequently and is made as a static page: there is no management system. Developed using JQuery and PHP
After layout, it turned out that the page size was too large: the focus group did not read the page to the end. After that, we placed some of the content in a carousel with horizontal scrolling. Not the best solution, but in this case - justified.
Look here:

Made a presentation

Based on the information of the site and its style, a presentation of the company was developed. The presentation focused on experience: they showed the company's facilities and described what and how employees do at each of them.
There is a digital format and a printed version, which is stapled and lies in a branded envelope.
Made a presentation

Set up and launched an advertising campaign

We used Yandex.Direct. The niche is very competitive: rates per click reached 1200 rubles.
When developing advertising, banners for YAN were made in the style of the company's website: they showed quite high efficiency, ctr of banners was 0.3-0.6%.
Set up and launched an advertising campaign


We always count, but we can't show all the numbers.
But we can do some of them!
16 facilitie service layouts
Described in detail and presented on the site Reconi
14 people
Participated in the development of the page from both sides
25000+ characters
Contains the text of the page
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