Project for the company 'Mascotte': developed a landing page
and advertising.

Smeta Mascotte: promotion of
estimating services
Landing page
The Mascott company offers a wide range of services in the construction market of Moscow and the Moscow region. Among them are construction consulting and designing of construction projects at the federal level. The company's employees are highly qualified in construction and engineering communications. The company's team is able to implement projects both in
at this stage of our cooperation, we were solving the problem of developing a landing page and launching an estimate service on the market.The speed of delivery was important, and we coped with it: a page ready to launch advertising, done in 4 days.

Task set by the customer

Promptly develop a landing page for selling costing services

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
1 week
Project start:
June 2019

What tools did you use

The site design was drawn in Figma, the script was written and agreed with the customer in Google Docs. Statistics systems Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics, Yandex and Google advertising systems, Google and Yandex dictionaries Expertise A lot of expertise and competencies in various fields.

project environment

We needed to bring to market a traditional service that is in demand within the market. These are b2b sales, and we focused on getting the first contact and increasing confidence from market participants.
There is practically no price competition in this segment , the main emphasis in the USP of the company is on accurate, fast deadlines and free revisions in case of failure.Despite the fact that many take on work with small estimates, the majority of performers are focused on the development of complex and voluminous documentation, so orders are limited to a minimum amount.< br>The segment of small customers is closed by private estimators, who also work in advertising, but are not focused on large orders: they immediately declare small volumes in advertising.

Developed brand
and positioning

It was very important not to make the page too modern and not stand out from the competitive environment. We positioned the company as experienced specialists in the construction market, introducing a new separate service to the market. Main value proposition: high-quality, prompt, responsible. < br>We used a brand name that the company has been using since 2013, but has not registered or used as a brand for advertising.

Developed landing page script

We made a capacious title, and brought a large list of related services to the first screen. The second important block that influences the decision to apply to the company is the cost of services. They were placed in the second block of the landing page. They described the steps necessary for ordering, and the cost of additional services. Below we closed the objections of potential customers in the form of advantages of the offer.

Connected and configured web analytics systems

For the convenience of the advertising department, the pages were marked with goals for advertising systems. The customer asked to make only direct advertising: we worked with Metrics and Analytics. All buttons and screens are marked with goals. Each section is marked with an anchor, for ease of setting up advertising systems and creating quick links in advertising.
Web analytics
We made
minimalistic design
and made the page
The most minimal of our work, released as of June 2019. White and yellow accents. Simple font.
The landing page works without a management system: the company has specialists who can work with html.

Set up advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct
and Google ADS

We placed top placements in the search results for the main commercial queries. Segmented in detail, the average cost of a click is 64 rubles in Yandex and 52 in Google.
According to additional requests, we made an advertisement in advertising networks. The cost of a click is 11 rubles and 7 rubles.
11-7 rubles
Click cost
Set up advertising campaigns

What did you get?

One week after launch:
Page conversion
340 r.
Cost per lead
Order a project

Do you have a similar task? Contact us and we will share our experience and help with the implementation!

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