How we promoted a family entertainment
center Straus-House in Astrakhan.

Straus-House renders entertainment services in Astrakhan. There is a restaurant with separate zones for children, a playground for events, an animation team. Guests can enjoy bowling, laser-tag, slot machines, and 5D-cinema. We started our work from website development and solved many extra tasks that popped up while we were collaborating. While on the project, we also launched off-site animation and restaurant delivery available for Astrakhan.

The task set by our customer

  • To increase the load of the entertainment center

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time: 2 months
  • Marketing campaign launch: June 2018.

The tasks we solved

  • Developed corporate identity and logo
  • Laid out oodles of printings
  • Developed a functional website supported by a booking system
  • Elaborated and linked promotional pages
  • Created and supported brand community in social networks
  • Set up targeted advertising campaigns
  • Set up contextual advertising campaigns
  • Arranged several regional advertising campaigns

The tools were used

Contextual advertising systemY.Direct, advertising network system inFacebook,advertising network system inVK,systemMyTarget,SMM Planner,analytics systemY.Metrika, HTML/CSS/JS.Graphic editorsFigma, Photoshop и InDesign.We worked a lot inExcel, Google Docs, Spredshits. Task-managerMeistertask

Google Analytics
Yandex Direct
Yandex Metrika

Logo and corporate identity

We developed a logo and corporate identity devising them in such a way so that they can be freely used in any promotion channels: printing, stickers, website, social networks or outdoor advertising. The output is cross-functional – it suits any shape, colour, and size.

We did the printwork and outdoor advertising

Flyers, leaflets, table-tents, brochures, menus, posters, banners, navigation signs, background for the photo zone.

We realized two independent design styles for different audiences: adults and children.

We developed a website supported by a booking system

All services of the entertainment center, tables in the restaurant and children’s cafe can be booked through the website. Guests can also pre-order meals using the interactive menu. The website contains a separate news and events section. The website is responsive: 69.3% of clients use it from mobile devices. Visitors actively book services - the conversion is 1.8% in the first month after the launch. Currently, the website has a good position in search results solely due to official methods of promotion. The number of conversions from search networks increased 3,5 times in 6 months.

We developed promo pages

We created promo pages with ordering forms to increase sales.We offer organization of holidays, food delivery, and animation for Astrakhan city dwellers.We developed an interactive service estimator for preliminary calculation of the event costs: a customer can calculate the preliminary budget of the event and immediately send the estimation to the manager. Variance of the final cost of the order is mere 15%, which is settled while finalising the deal with the manager when the client makes adjustments in the menu, the set of entertainment and animation.

We came up with the idea of food delivery and launched this service

Together with the management of the company we developed and launched food delivery service. We prepared USP, made a page, set up and launched advertising campaigns. The restaurant delivers lunches, à La carte orders and catering. We connected the menu to the online store: all orders are recorded in the admin.system and CCed to managers. Next, we integrated orders with the r-keeper and accounting system of the client. Page conversion was 1,4% in the first week and 3,2% end of the first month. .

We run the community of our client in social networks

The main communication channel was Instagram. Before we came in, the account had been led by our client’s staff, there were massive filters, lots of copycatting from other accounts, churning cheat bots, and gazillions of non-thematic #hashtags.We developed a coherent strategy and a content plan, arranged unique content generation based on systematic work with employees, organized give-aways and contest games, held cross-promotions in collaboration with local business accounts.Our work resulted in the increase in the number of taps from 250 to 850-900 for a single post. We raised the number of orders per month from social networks from 3 in May to 28-35 in September-November.

We launched targeted advertising campaigns

We set up targeted advertising campaigns in MyTarget, Facebook, VK. We devised the advertising campaign plan adjustable for each social network and the target audience. Activities for children were advertised in OK; delivery of burgers and pizza was run on FB and Instagram; bowling and restaurant were promoted in VK. At the same time, we purchased and led placements in regional communities. The cost of 1 target visitor for the channel reached 22 RUB (≈ 0,3 €). The effect of social network advertising became remarbale in the company’s revenue in 10-14 days.

We launched advertising campaigns

Contextual advertising and banners were used to advertise food delivery, parties, holiday events, and bowling. The average PPC bid in search engines amounted to 27 RUB (≈ 0,37 €) in Yandex and 17 RUB (≈ 0,2 €) in Google. We usually manage cost cutting of the contextual advertising to a reasonable price successfully, but this case was an exception: the pay-per-click for some requests reached 340-450 RUB (≈ 4,6 - 6 €). So, we turned it off.

Our deliverables

We increased brand awareness 3,5 times (up to 18 bookings per day) after just 4 months into the project.

Growth in brand queries in search engines: from 145 to 564 requests, according to Wordstat.
Up to12
Even bookings per day
Total audience covered by Internet advertising campaigns

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