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Ostrich House offers entertainment services to the residents of Astrakhan. It is a restaurant with a separate room for children, a venue for events, its own staff of animators. Guests play bowling, laser tag, slot machines and watch movies in a 5D cinema. Work on the project began with the creation of a website, while simultaneously solving many other tasks. During the work on the project, we launched outdoor animation and delivery of restaurant dishes to residents of Astrakhan.

Task set by the customer

Increase entertainment center occupancy

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
2 months
Advertising campaign start:
June 2018

What tools did you use

Contextual advertising systems Y.Direct, network advertising system Facebook, network advertising system VK, system MyTarget, SMM Planner, Y.Metrika analytics system, HTML/CSS/JS, Figma graphic editors, Photoshop and InDesign Wrote and calculated in Excel, Google Docs, Spredshits. Task Manager Meistertask

Developed logo
and corporate style

We developed the corporate identity and logo of the company. We designed them in such a way that they could be freely used in any promotion channel: in printing, stickers, on the website, in social networks or in outdoor advertising.
It turned out to be universal: for any shape, color, size.

We made printing
and outdoor advertising

Flyers, leaflets, table tents, leaflets, menus, posters, banners, navigation signs, photo zone background.
We developed two independent design styles for different audiences: adults and children
Developed a website
with a booking system
All the center's activities and tables in the restaurant and children's cafe can be booked through the site. You can also pre-order dishes through the interactive menu.
A section with news and events has been added to the site. The site is adaptive: 69.3% of visitors come from mobile devices. Visitors actively book services: conversion to application 1.8%< /b> in the first month after launch.
Now the site has a good position in the SERPs, solely due to white hat promotion methods.The number of clicks from search networks increased 3.5 times in 6 months.
Look here:

Launched targeted advertising campaigns

Set up targeted advertising campaigns in MyTarget, Facebook, VK.
Adjusted advertising campaign plan was created for each social network Children's events were advertised in OK, burger and pizza delivery in FB and Instagram, promotions for bowling, a restaurant in VK< /b>Purchased placements in regional communities along with advertising.
The cost of a targeted visit in the channel was 22 rubles.
The effect of advertising in social networks is noticeable in revenue after 10- 14 days.
Ad effect
22 RUB
Average cost per click in search
Targeted Ads

advertising campaigns

Meal delivery, organization of holidays and parties, bowling are advertised in contextual advertising and banner networks.
Average cost per click on search is 27 rubles in Yandex and 17 rubles in Google.
Usually we manage to reduce the cost of contextual advertising to acceptable numbers, but not in this case: the cost per click for some queries was 340-450 rubles. They had to be turned off.
17-27 rubles
average cost per click in search
450 rubles
ad spend
Set up advertising campaigns
Promo pages
promo pages
Promo pages with order forms were made for the sale of certain services. We offer Astrakhan residents the organization of holidays, food delivery and animation.
An interactive service calculator was made on the holiday calculation page: the user can calculate the preliminary budget of his holiday and immediately send the calculation to the manager. Deviation of the final cost of the order from such applications +/- 15%: at the stage of coordination with the manager, users make adjustments: complement the menu, change the set of entertainment and animation.

Result of work

Awareness growth by 3.5 times, up to 18 bookings per day - after 4 months of work on the project
Growth in the number of branded queries in search engines: from 145 to 564 according to Wordstat
to 12
Orders per day for events
Total audience coverage of advertising campaigns on the Internet
Order a project

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