Development of Instructions

We create manuals for your products,
products and client instructions.
The most necessary client service tool!
  • We work out options for instructions for
    electronic and paper media
  • We develop a clear step -by -step guide
    in an understandable form
  • illustrate every step of leadership
    tables, schemes, drawings
Order the development of instructions for your project at the 3owls team

What is the instruction for?

This is an excellent means of delivery of customers to your customers.A qualitatively worked out instruction or user manual work unnoticed, and leave your customers pleasant impressions that you will remember.

In the modern world of remote trade, remote support, this is a great way to create a loyal audience of your brand.

Video management

Video-instructions that teach guidelines are good to use in cases where it is necessary to systematically learn a homogeneous group (for example, employees of the department), the video often takes place.

Video allows you to easily replace part due to update, faster and easierIt is absorbed, allows you to clearly demonstrate and roof the necessary actions.

Interactive instructions

For services with online interfaces, such as sites and applications, we offer the development of interactive user instructions.Such solutions allow the user, when using the interface, it is easier to engage in work and understand the basic principles of working with the product.

Here are a few examples of
our instructions

For each of them, we worked out design, script, text,
visual component and layouts.
Developed and flashed user
assembly instructions
For the convenience of customers of the company, together with Stella-Technician employees, we have developed detailed instructions for assembling any rack option.The instruction is posted on the site in PDF format and is suitable for printing on A4.
In addition, we prepared a file for printing in printing house, in color, on quality paper, for sending customers along with the order.It was not easy for our designers to adapt to the development of technical documentation: more often they are faced with tasks on advertising printing.Look at what we got:
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How we are working?

Together with you, we define the tasks that we will help
solve the user with minimal efforts.
We develop and coordinate scheme of the stages of management
We study the work of your company, its products
We write texts , simple and understandable, so that they can easily understand the reader
We come up with the design : select fonts, design styles, pictures (if possible, based on your brandbook)
Create photos , schemes and pictures for each stage of the scheme
Line out design maktes instructions from prepared materials
We transmit ready -made layouts to you as convenient as possible, for further independent use, format
Scheme 'How we work'

What is the price?

Up to 5 sheets
by 30,000 rub.
Up to 10 sheets
by 50,000 rub.
Up to 20 sheets
by 70,000 rub.

Included in the price:

  • Compilation of text based on customer materials
  • Preparation of the edited format for work
  • Design design in accordance with the proprietary style
  • Proofreading
  • Additionally: Preparation of layouts for the printing house - 200 rubles/page


Augmented reality
Translation into English
Polygraphic design
Here about our experience
and our approaches to work

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Assortment matrix
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от 45 000 ₽
from 30 000 ₽