Developing a unique
selling proposition

We create an effective USP to increase the attractiveness
of your company in a competitive environment
  • Research consumers and the competitive environment
  • Performing a/b tests to determine an effective solution
  • We support marketing of your business and update solutions
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What is a
Unique Selling Proposition?

This is the essence of your product's distinctive value, with clearly defined, customer-friendly benefits. Typically, a sales proposition consists of one or two meaningful phrases.
USP is long-term, it should be remembered and associated with your brand . Based on the main sentence, you enter temporary promotions and offers.

How does USP work?

USP with clearly defined product value differences complements your professional image, makes the benefits of the purchase obvious to the client. Brand interest and the number of successful transactions are growing, and it is easier for managers justify your company's prices for a product or service.

A well-formed proposal with a solution to the client’s pain causes a positive emotional response in him, a desire to purchase from you.

Formation of an effective USP

In order to develop a unique selling proposition we study your business, the target audience, its needs and problems. To set you apart from your competitors and avoid copying, we study similar offers on the market.
Based on the customer journey map, we think over how to emphasize your advantages, benefits for the audience, at each point of contact, we precisely highlight the main and specific ones. We call attention to what you are better than others in : your exceptional experience, speed of work, unique service, environmental friendliness of the product, unusual solutions, etc. We make several USPs to choose from.
If you already have a USP that needs to be developed and improved, our team can handle this task as well.
We made a USP for different audiences

Check out our USPs:

Reconi Company
Professional cleaning services for commercial real estate.

Everything you need for impeccable cleanliness of your property: qualified staff, modern professional equipment and many years of experience
Go from Junior to successful independent Java development with mentors from the YKul team

Improve your Java programming skills with experienced programmers
New Paradigm Company
External health and safety department for your business

We provide all services from A to Z in health and safety: from consulting to outsourcing .
More examples in our agency cases

How do we work?

Learning about your brand and products
Studying the target audience, conducting in-depth interviews
Studying competitors and their positioning
Identify the problems and pains of your target audience
Compiling a list of your advantages and features, highlighting the main ones
Based on the received data create several USP options
Scheme 'How do we work?'

Where is the USP used?

Sales offer is the basis of the landing page
More about landing pages
Marketing kit
Marketing kit
Marketing kit - must contain USP
More about marketing kit
USPs can be found in some presentations
More about presentations

Why us?

Before developing a USP, we conduct thorough market research and your company's competitive environment
Experience allows us to see the really important benefits of your product and service, and convey their value to future customers
We conduct research and refine your company's USP based on them

Some numbers

We always count, but we can't show all the numbers. But we can do some of them!
2 days
Our record time to first landing landing sale after launch.
may generate a one-pager. Maybe more ;)
60 +
USP is made by our team during the year
<1 seconds
Web Page First Load Speed

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