Book a Professional Food Photoshoot

Food photo: A photo of your restaurant, delivery
service, hotel or online store
  • We are working on the idea and style of shooting together with
    a food designer/stylist
  • Creating original and aesthetic frames
  • We do material retouching, design and layout of printing
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Why does your business need food photography?

People come to a restaurant or order delivery not only because they are hungry, but also for the taste. The best way to attract a client who will come to you again and again is convince him that
it's delicious.
Psychologists say that 80% of people perceive information visually better than aurally or tactilely. It is enough to show a colorful photo of a dish once than to talk about it a hundred times. Therefore, food photography is distinguished as a separate art, which at the same time serves to promote in the field of promotion of restaurants, bars or cafes.
High-quality visual presentation of food in a photograph is a powerful marketing tool in this segment of the business. It is a great way to draw attention to the brand, build an attractive image of the institution and make your audience more loyal.

Where do we use
food photos?

Modern business implies a huge
amount of visual communications. And the restaurant business is no exception!
Institution Menu
Institution Menu
A thoughtful menu with appetizing pictures of dishes is half the success of a restaurant or bar. If necessary, we will design and make a chic menu for you.
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26 photo
Website, application, social networks
Website, application, social networks
You can't imagine a delivery service without a delicious website or app. It needs a cool image to make it work.
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12 photo
For a billboard, web banner or screensaver, a high-quality image is vital.
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25 photo

How do we organize
food shoots?

Together with you we compose a brief: describe dishes for shooting, style, colors
Developing terms of reference for photographers, retouchers and designers
Conducting test shooting in order to agree on the final result on a live example
Agreeing with you locations of filming
Preparing the set:
setting up lighting, dishes, drinks, accessories, attracting a food stylist
Together with the chef, we lay out dishes and build a high-quality picture
Processing images according to the brief and terms of reference
Sending you photos, if necessary, we help with the layout of polygraphy
Scheme 'How do we organize food shoots?'


We will design the menu, printed and POS materials, prepare for production and control the quality of production
Brand book finalization
Brand book finalization
We will refine the existing photo style brand guide and turn it into a business tool and guide for photographers
Let's shoot a presentation, commercial or film about the company
Shooting on invisible cameras
Shooting on invisible cameras
Take and process photos on invisible mannequins
BrandBook Refinement
BrandBook Refinement
Let's finalize the photo style of your brand book

Some numbers

The fishtext site will help the designer, layout designer, webmaster generate several
2 days
Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
3 months
Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
2 days
Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
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and our approaches to work

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