Retouching and processing

We offer professional photo retouching, clipping
backgrounds and photo coloring
  • We agree in advance the scope of work and their cost
  • We process quickly: up to 500 photos per day
  • We work by cashless payment
  • We take into account all the wishes of the customer in terms of the quality of retouching
  • Cost - from 15 rubles per frame
Order photo retouching

need retouching?

Photo retouching allows you to remove various
defects visible in the photo and make the photo deeper, richer and
beautiful. Most often,
retouching is used in portrait photography - for close-up portraits< /span>, when shooting items for catalogs and advertising, as well as in any other advertising photo.

Regardless of quality source material
(and the quality of organizing and conducting photography) -
photo retouching is an obligatory stage in the production of photographic products.

Why order photo retouching and processing from us?

Experience 6 years
All work is carried out by our own specialists
We'll give you a better solution for retouching your pictures
We will offer an honest and transparent price
All work is completed on time
We fix errors and shortcomings in our retouching for free
380000+ photos retouched in 2020
Retouch for
online stores
Operative processing and retouching of any number of
photos for the catalog of the online store
  • Color and light correction
  • Working with Shadows
  • Contrast and saturation
  • Cleaning and clipping the background
  • Renaming files in
    according to the task
  • Removal of product defects
  • High Processing Speed
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from $42 per frame
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Retouch for
catalog and social networks
Processing photos for catalogs and publishing
on social networks. Such retouching includes:
  • Color Correction
  • Background cleaning, clipping
  • Removal of acne, bruises and
    other imperfections in the photo
  • Removal of product defects
  • Deep Skin Smoothing
  • Working with Shadows
  • High Level Plastic
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from 100 RUB per frame
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Retouch of portraits
Processing portrait shots to remove
obvious defects. Such retouching includes:
  • Color Correction
  • Plastic
  • Removal of acne, bruises and
    other imperfections in the photo
  • Background cleaning, clipping when needed
  • Skin Smoothing
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from 200 RUB per frame
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Deep retouching for
promotional photos
Required for promotional photography and photos for
large format printing, high quality photo portraits:
  • Color Correction
  • Drawing volumes, working with shadows
  • Removal of pimples, bruises and
    other imperfections on models in the photo
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Deep Skin Smoothing
  • Hair Drawing
  • high-level plastic
  • Studying the structure of objects, emphasizing shadows
  • Makeup Correction
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from 550 RUB per frame
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color correction
Bringing a series of images to a single standard. Includes:
  • White balance
  • HSL
  • Light correction
  • Chromatic aberrations
  • Contrast
  • Cropping
  • Saturation
  • Brushes
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$15 per frame
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Retouching jewelry
Development of retouching standards individually for your requirements and retouching
of jewelry photos with preparation for printing
catalog and online store
  • Color Correction
  • Remove extra glare and reflections
  • Background clipping
  • Depth and contrast alignment
    reflections, shadows and highlights
  • Cleaning of parasitic shades
    on metals and stones
  • Setting a single tilt
    angle and position in the frame
  • Drawing the cut of stones
    and highlights on them
  • Drawing a drop shadow in a uniform format
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from 230 RUB per frame
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How to order a retouch?

Leave a request for retouching on our website or by phone and our manager will contact you as soon as possible
Place an order. Discuss with the manager all the details of the order: the desired end result, terms and scope of work
Send your photos to us
for retouching in any convenient way
you (Y.Disk, Google.Drive, etc.)

Our results

Some numbers about our work with photo processing:
240 frames
Processed for one client on the same day
Composed and produced for clients in 2021
18 people
In our photo retouching team
Here about our experience
and our approaches to work
A photo
B.Billionaire / Opium
Photo support for
luxury segment stores.
A photo
Stella Tech
Photo accompaniment of our friends
Stella Technic
A photo
Together with Nuaro LLC, our team did product photography for the catalog and advertising.
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