SMM - Social Media

Managing brand presence in social networks
  • We create the community
  • We develop a content strategy and content plan
  • We prepare the content and follow its publication
  • We engage visitors in the interaction and sell

What is it?

We organize communications with your target audience in social networks: we work with an existing customer base and attract new clientele.

SMM is a very flexible tool. It works for direct sales, warms up and retains your audience, provides an excellent channel for direct feedback from your customers, and greatly increases the efficiency of targeted PPC advertising.

Things we work with

Our SMM team does a great job managing and promoting communities on Instagram, VK and Facebook. We have worked on specialized industry-specific Internet sites and on regional sites.

As part of this service, we offer to moderate corporate communities, or communities dedicated to a particular brand or product.

Check out some of our work samples:

june 2018 - december 2018
august 2018 - fаebruary 2019
august 2018 - fаebruary 2019

The way we operate

We draw up and coordinate a strategy for your community.
We develop and approve a monthly content plan which contains the list of publications and the mechanics of interaction with the audience.
We make a list of donators and mechanics to attract new audience*
Our experts select visual content and compile texts for publications**
We process the materials and fill out the deferred publication system.
We follow up the indicators (Engagement rate, Reach rate, Retention), and toil to improve them ***.
We communicate with the audience inside the account, answer questions and transfer the contacts of warm clients to your sales department.

Price rates

We have several price rates for your account management

For small companies
Starting from ****** (price in dollars)
Small Business
For brands and companies older than a year
Starting from ****** (price in dollars)
Big Pro
For mature companies and brands
Starting from ****** (price in dollars)


We will set up targeted advertising to increase the number of community subscribers and performance indicators. .
We will create an additional version of the website optimized for social networks display and develop special pages to work with visitors from them.
We will create a chat-bot that will take the load off your sales managers and bring in warmer leads.

Why us

  • Strong team. Professional journalists, content managers,designers, marketers.
  • System approach. Your company’s social media accounts are a part of the marketing mix.
  • Transparency rules supreme. We base on the indicators of your business, the revenue being the key index.

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