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We are developing creative congratulations on holidays: Corporate cards with augmented reality (AR postcard) for employees and customers of your company
  • Unique creative scenarios
  • Design in the corporate style
  • Unnecessarily install the application (web-solution)
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What kind of AR is such and what is it eaten with?

Cards with augmented reality is a modern interactive solution that allows you to make an unusual and vivid congratulation , which its recipients will definitely remember.
Such a postcard is a 3D model located on a virtual scene, which can, depending on your desire, contain a 3-core animation, video and audio track with congratulations.

If this explanation looks incomprehensible-youYou can just enter a phone camera on a QR code and see a lively example of congratulations with AR.

What is included to create AR postcard work with congratulations

We carry out all the necessary work: We develop a creative concept, script, text and design of the postcard, if necessary, shoot the video and write down the audio road (if necessary, we pick up the dictator), develop the model, mount, connect the module with AR To your site, we create the design of the postcard itself for printing and a banner for sending in electronic form, if necessary, we will send postcards on your contact database.

To develop, we will need your brandbook and elements of corporate identity for developing layouts and design.


We offer several solutions with AR.If Ooni does not correspond to
your idea - it does not matter, we will realize any script and concept you invented.
A postcard with video congratulations
a postcard, which has a built-in video with your congratulations.
The game in Ar
is a small interactive game with prizes and various game mechanics.
A postcard with animated congratulations
3D animation in augmented reality and its voice acting may contain a scenario of interaction with the golper, and several animation scenarios.
Virtual photo-wall
branded virtual 3D object, next to which you can take a photo or write a video on the phone.
Discuss your project

How we are working?

Leave a request convenient
Tell us about your congratulations: who and what will we congratulate?
Then our team:
Develops a concept congratulations and sketches
Creates 3D models and scenes for a congratulatory postcard
Makes a draft for viewing in the form of a postcard in a test environment
Draws design maks for printing and sending over the Internet
Tests , reports to you and supports you, in case of malfunctions and errors
Scheme «How we are working?»

How much does it cost
Creating AR postcard?

The cost of the project with AR-opening depends on the duration and complexity of the scene , the sound path and the complexity of the animation.The most inexpensive project cost the customer in our performance of 48,000 rubles.

Examples of our work

Publicis Groupe Russia
Creative Happy New Year
Flour Ryazanochka
Creative Happy New Year
Like VR
Creative Happy New Year
Photo with Santa Claus
Creative Happy New Year
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