How it works We develop one-page stores, online estimators and complex order forms for Your project
We develop

Single-page web stores, online estimators

Webpage that works as a sales manager, or even better.

What it is

Online estimator of your services or the preliminary price calculation and delivery terms of your customers' orders.

Oftentimes, it's a toolkit: a page that offers a product or a service. The final price is formed depending on the customer’s choices and additional parameters. To simplify the interaction, we design options as pictures.

The computational accuracy varies with the maximum accuracy being achieved by a series of fine tuning and follow-ups.

Where to apply

Everywhere, in any sales deals and orders featuring more than one parameter. Online estimators perfectly work for services where you can usually choose parameters, e.g. to calculate the cost of the delivery depending on the mileage. Or, event-agencies can estimate the cost of the event and thus engage and sell original customized packages. The estimators reduce the workload of managers, especially in complex calculations there the final price greatly varies with input parameters, e.g. calculating kitchen set installment or refurbishings of an apartment.

It is a great a good solution to make a promo campaign for a product or a brand in your web store.

What you get

Quality script and text for the page**
The text is the crucial part of your webpage.Connection with CMS***
Configured counters for advertising systems, goals and event settings
Original custom-tailored design
Adaptive layout for PC and mobiles
Tabular visualization of a calculation system**
Both the manager and the user will get a detailed web-calculated order

How it works

The user takes several steps*, each of them defining the order parameters that affect the final cost. All the calculations and changes are carried out in real time.
In the end, the user gets a preliminary calculation and the commercial offer while your sales manager gets the contact of a warm client and the detailed request.

*We analyze these steps with your sales department, compare them with competitors, create hypotheses and develop series of A/B-tests for verification.

estimator step


Depending on your managers' preferences (whether they work in messengers or in CRM), we can send the preliminary calculation results from the web page to your usual working systems.
Excel upload
You can easily create an Excel file containing all the formulas and parameters, send the order with detailed Excel by email to your managers, or share it on google.sheets.
Dynamic headlines
The titles get adjusted so as to respond to the user's request most accurately and meet the exact expectations. This allows you to increase the conversion of the webpage*.

How we work

To develop a highly customized capture tool, we should study the routines of your sales department, your trade offers, delivery services, and special offers.

We define the target of an inquiry form.
We develop the technical specification and the script in collaboration with you.
We develop the design and create the landing page.
We connect the quiz-form and mark up the web page with statistic systems goals.
We launch tests for advertising campaigns, conduct A/B-tests for webpages and quiz-forms.
We collect stats, analyze it, and propose improvements.

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