Web Development

Design and coding of html-letters

We develop a design and work out high-quality HTML-coding for your mailings
  • We work with a proprietary style or develop a newsletter design from scratch
  • We comply with all the requirements of postal systems and antispam-filters
  • We work out versions for mobile and computer mail programs
We develop and strengthen your e-mail marketing!
Order HTML mail
Order the creation of
HTML mail

What is the development of HTML-Writing for?

The custom-made development of the HTML description allows you to arrange your mailings in full accordance with the branded style , or to develop your own design for them.With manual layout, you have the opportunity to implement complex mechanisms of e-mail marketing, which is not always possible with letters that issue online designers.
The high quality of the layout reduces the number of HTML code , removing unnecessary artifacts, and reduces the likelihood of improper display of e-mail in various mail programs, as well as its final size.
When your company is engaged in email newsletters or introduces email marketing, the development of templates of emails allows you to make this work more efficient.

What is included in the development?

In order for your e-mail marketing to be more effective, we are together with you at the first stage, we are working on an e-mail marketing strategy .Then, on its basis, we develop the structure of the newsletter, a set of triggers and chains of messages.
We make and coordinate prototypes, then we finish the existing design within the framework of the corporate identity or create our own for e-mail.

Line the HTML code, then we test the display of the finished e-mail in the main mail programs* for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web applications**

How do we develop e-mails?

We design goals mailings, develop scripts, then make a list of the necessary templates
We write text content
Developing prototypes
We draw the design for emails
Turn out html code
We test in all popular mail programs
We transmit to you in the form of the source code
Scheme «How do we develop e-mails?»

Examples of of our works

Oscar Et Valentine
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Development of the text of the newsletter
Our marketer and copywriter together with you will develop text for mailing or in accordance with the content plan
Photo accompaniment
Subject, interior, plot photo shoot for your advertising company
Advertising campaigns
We are developing complex advertising campaigns for your business, we use online and offline channels

A few numbers

We always think, but not all numbers can show.But some we can!
2-4 days
Occupies on average creating a letter from scratch
Working and layout letters of e-mails or a set of transaction letters for an online store
100+ e-mails
Made for 2021-2022
Here about our experience
and our approaches to work

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