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What it is

Augmented reality is the technology that allows filling the world with virtual data. A simple business-card can be turned into a full-fledged presentation of your company, a booklet becomes a film about products, your products communicate themselves and teach users in a game galore.

Where to apply

Print media
AR-technology is something that can push your graphic art to the next level. Simple flat images turn into 3-D animation supported by voicework in a blink of an eye.
Information on the packaging
You are no longer limited by size! A label or a tag gets filled with user-friendly data. It can feature the history of the brand, advice on how to use the product or cross-promos for special offers.
Outdoor advertising
Billboards, panels and banners in the streets, in the parks and in pedestrian and recreation areas. Your outdoor advertising becomes an art-object and the content source for social media.
Navigation and geolocation
Routes in shopping centers, office buildings, and urban areas will help the customers locate your outlets and get acquainted with the history and the news of your brand very easily on the way.
Real estate
When showing the property, you can immediately plan the space, its decoration, and furnishings. Orders from such an application can be immediately sent to architects and suppliers of furniture or materials.
Acquaint your customer with new features of your product by engaging them in a game and showing the sequence of necessary actions.
Business cards
Business cards of your company can easily become an excellent art object.
Manuals and specifications
After-sales communication you will intelligibly and naturally teach your customer how to use both sophisticated and simple tech products. Exemplify how to use your products or remind the customer about updates or new functions via the app
Educational technologies
Online education is getting more and more top-notch. Corporate and refresher courses can be implemented in a more convenient and visual format now.
Healthcare education
Drugs will speak for themselves in layman’s terms via gamified activities, at a time convenient for the patient.

Web AR

We offer to implement AR on the basis of web-technology. This solution gives a whale of advantages

Launching speed
On average, we launch a project in 25-30 days from the date of technical specification approval.
Development costs
This website estimate costs are 62K RUB₽ (≈€850).
Easy integration
All a user needs is Internet connection and any gadget to plug in (a smartphone or a tablet).


How difficult is it to implement my idea in AR?
It is as easy as to approve a text or ads.
What are the advantages of AR?
It allows introducing 3-D objects with animation and enhances interaction with them. For fancier solutions, an additional pilot switch and a separate sound layer can be incorporated.
How long does it take to develop Web AR?
It depends on your requirements. The fastest project we prepared took us 14 days, still it would be wrong to claim without having some preliminary glance at your case that we would solve your problem in such a short time.

Take a look

We have prepared a small presentation using AR technology. Activate the camera on your phone, point it at the QR code, click on the link, allow the camera access and point it at the mark on the right.

How we work

Our professional team has extensive experience in Web AR development. We undertake a full cycle: development of advertising, marketing concepts, implementation and promotion.

We define the target for the development and the platform.
We develop the technical specification in collaboration with you.
We develop a user script.
We create 3-D models and make them alive by animation.
We integrate this solution into your communication systems.
We collect stats, analyze it, and propose improvements.

Some stats

We always count but seldom tell. We can’t show all the numbers but still, we can spill some T:

3 hours
We spent to create a Web AR case for this page.
Of your competitors are already thinking about implementing this technology.
Discount to those who have read this :)

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