Quality texts with
marketing development
for selling sites and
landing pages

Order development of the structure and writing of selling text for a landing page,
promo page, online store or business card website

Copywriting and rewriting

Elaborated texts for the sales pages of your project
we find and formulate the unique distinctive features of your offer, highlight its benefits and advantages
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we create a meaningful structure of the page, its headings and information blocks
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we encourage the client to take the target action, investigate and work out objections
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increasing the visibility of the page in search engines through internal optimization
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unique texts for your website

Why text?

First of all, good text is cool! But wait a minute... We have conducted more than a hundred studies and in practice have confirmed the effectiveness of content marketing. Well-developed and well-structured text is the basis of any effective advertising campaign. People read it to the end , and the meanings - such as benefits, brand values, distinctive features of the offer - become clear to the reader. Most often, a layperson will not remember the specifics at the first contact, but will definitely remember the feeling “I read something interesting.” On subsequent readings, the meaning - and what it is made of will be realized.
That's how good writing works.

What do we offer?

Text writing can be divided into copywriting and rewriting. In the first case, we write text from scratch. In the second, we work with a finished page or printing, rewrite paragraphs, make them more understandable, structured. We write texts of any size, from short descriptions for a product card in an online store, to the deep development of a multi-page website with a complex structure and consistent logic of presentation.
We love content marketing: it's the best medium-term business investment.

What will we take into account when working on your project?

Working on the text and the meanings in it is the task of an experienced marketer or PR manager. In our work we definitely take into account:
We study competitors, audiences and develop a portrait of your client.
We disclose your information sequentially, so that the reader understands all the advantages
of your proposal the first time. If there are several pages, then they will all be written in the same
style and tonality.
Before writing the text of a page, our employees carefully study its subject in order to convey accurate meanings into the text. If you find inaccuracies, at any stage of the work we will make the necessary corrections, taking into account all your comments.
We study the pain points and requests of the target audience, competitors from your industry and related industries, and be sure to use relevant words and expressions in the text so that your page is easily found by clients.
Text for the Ykul school course promo page
Text for the Ykul school course promo page
Text for the Overtime basketball camp landing page
Text for the Overtime basketball camp landing page
Text for the one-page site of the Recruitentica camp
Text for the one-page site of the Recruitentica camp
Site texts - also written by our team. More examples - in the cases section.

How much does it cost?

Payment depends on the volume of text, the number of information blocks on the page. The price of typical text tasks is given below:
Mini posts on social networks, product cards, small printing
from 900 RUB per text
Order mini posts on social networks, product cards, small printing,
Small page, landing page or business card website
Structure development and copywriting
from 8,000 RUB per page
Order a small page, landing page or business card website
Page with a large number of information blocks, brochure
Structure development and copywriting
from 6,000 RUB per page
Order a page with a large number of information blocks, brochures
Rewriting the page, reworking the structure of information presentation.
from 3,000 RUB per text
Order a census of pages, rework the structure of information presentation

How do we work?

We study your business and its product
Discussing wishes and input data
Exploring competitive environment
Designing page structure
We create text content for each block, taking into account SEO requirements
We check for uniqueness and rules of the Russian language
We provide you with a ready-made file and do not place the text in online editors
If necessary we make changes, make clarifications, develop Your project


<div class='--weight600'>Website design</div>
Website design
We develop websites of any size from scratch or update existing ones.
<div class='--weight600'>Printing</div>
We develop effective designs and write high-quality texts for printing of any format.
<div class='--weight600'>Infographic development</div>
Infographic development
We make beautiful and understandable infographics for websites, social networks, presentations and instructions.

Why us?

Every year we write more than 50 unique texts
Individual approach
Individual approach
We create structures to solve exactly your problems
Let's not delay
We don’t delay deadlines
We will take into account all your wishes and complete work of any complexity without delays
We work on the presentation of information so that the texts correspond to your corporate style and spirit of the company
Tone of voice
Tone of voice
Maintain a uniform tone of messages
We make structural layouts based on written texts

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