Product photography
and material processing

Clothes, dishes, goods, materials for your
online store or social networks.
  • Removing 3d / 360°
  • Developing Look Book
  • We are working on photo language, style, design
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Product photography - what is it?

Product photography is used in product advertising and allows you to convey the image or image of the product as accurately as possible.
As a rule, when we say 'product photography' we mean shooting clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, household appliances and electronics, building and finishing materials, equipment and any other goods. For example, food and serving dishes for restaurants.
High-quality subject photography of goods
for the store helps to sell.

    What's in
    Product Photography?

    Depending on the quality of
    , we offer:
    Photo for catalog
    Photo for catalog
    Suitable for printing and online catalogs - online stores, social networks. Includes color and light correction, background clipping, retouching.
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    Photo for SMM
    Photo for SMM
    Flat lay; Set Design; Prop Styling; shooting with models in the studio and on location, team selection - stylists, extras.
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    Advertising photo
    Advertising photo
    Development of the advertising concept and presentation of material, we work on the basis of the advertising campaign plan and media plan, all points of contact with the audience, in-depth processing of photo materials, a team of specialists dedicated to the project.
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    How do we organize
    product photography?

    Over the course of our work, we have developed a transparent and convenient workflow for all participants, which allows us to maintain a high level of quality.
    Together with you we draw up a
    brief for a photo shoot and coordinate it*
    Developing technical assignment for filming and post-processing
    If necessary, conduct test shooting
    Determine the shooting location: your premises or one of our studios
    We provide all the necessary equipment and models
    Processing and retouching photo materials according to the terms of reference
    Sending you a photo archive
    We make up the necessary advertising and promotional materials for you
    Scheme 'How do we organize product photography?'


    Look Book
    Look Book
    We will professionally come up with a concept, shoot and make LookBook
    Shooting on invisible cameras
    Shooting on invisible cameras
    Take and process photos on invisible mannequins
    BrandBook Refinement
    BrandBook Refinement
    Let's finalize the photo style of your brand book
    Designing catalogs and brochures, preparing them for printing.
    Photo 360°
    Photo 360°
    We can shoot and make up 360° product photos

    Some numbers

    The fishtext site will help the designer, layout designer, webmaster generate several
    2 days
    Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
    Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
    3 months
    Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
    2 days
    Paragraph Site fishtext will help the designer.
    Here about our experience
    and our approaches to work
    A photo
    B.Billionaire / Opium
    Photo support for
    luxury segment stores.
    A photo
    Together with Nuaro LLC, our team did product photography for the catalog and advertising.
    A photo
    Stella Tech
    Photo accompaniment of our friends
    Stella Technic
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