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Single-page landings

Dense, clear, relevant

What it is

Landing Page or a selling single-page website is a webpage that solves a specific business and user problem.

  • Reach out to a warm client
  • Test market forecasts
  • Run promo campaigns for a product or a brand

Where to use

These pages work perfectly well with direct advertising such as Y.Direct and G.Adwords when a client is ready to buy and is selecting an offer.

Another task for a Landing Page is when a client studies the page to get information about a product or service and leaves a phone number for a free consultation*.

Landing page is effective for promotions and closeout sales in online stores, for generating a flow of warm requests to the Sales Department of your company.

The list is far from being complete, these are just the most basic cases. Would you like our manager to call you and offer options to solve your business problems?

How we work

Our professional team has extensive experience in single-page website development. We undertake a full cycle: development of advertising, marketing concepts, implementation and promotion.

We define the target for the development and create a concept for implementation.
We develop technical specification in collaboration with you.
We develop a page script as a prototype.
We create the design and convert it for desktops and mobile.
We integrate the page into CMS and your accounting & communication systems.
We collect stats, analyze it, and propose improvements.

What you get

Analysis of direct competitors and their webpages
Quality script andtext for the page*
Well-developed USP (Unique selling proposition)
Configured counters for advertising systems, with goals and event settings
Original custom-tailored design
Adaptive layout for PC and mobile phones


A short fill-out form of preliminary calculations asks a user a few questions in order to estimate the cost of the services or the required amount of goods.
Dynamic headlines
The titles get adjusted so as to respond to the user's request most accurately and meet the exact expectations. This allows you to increase the conversion of the webpage*.
Background video
We can make a video for your website by using your existing video, a purchased video, or even film and edit it upon your specific request. We then place the video instead of a picture as the background. It always looks spectacular :)

Some stats

We always count but seldom tell. We can’t show all the numbers but still, we can spill some T:

2 days
Our record time from the landing launch till the first sale.
Shifts per day that one landing page can generate. And even more ;)
18 days
Our record payback period for a website.

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