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Development site prototype

Designing a user-friendly interface for your website
based on modern marketing tools
  • Working on desktop and mobile
    versions separately
  • We design based on CJM
  • Making static and dynamic prototypes
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What is a prototype?

Interface prototype is an integral part of the development process.
It allows you to work out the structure of the visible part of the site and make your site as user-friendly as possible.
This work includes describing user roles and their goals, mapping user journeys, identifying and eliminating optional steps.

    Why do we need a prototype?

    The site prototype helps to determine the amount of text and images needed for the site's pages, the location of controls, and to coordinate different versions of the interface: for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
    The prototype helps to coordinate the script and the text of the selling page, without being distracted by the visual component of the pages, and concentrate on their meaning.
    Completed Prototype is a finished task for creating a website design and an essential part of the terms of reference for website development.
    of a one-page site
    • Analysis of direct competitors
      and related niches
    • Developing a script for a typical landing page
    • Studying fears and pains
      of the user and their use
    • Development of a static prototype
    Order the development of a script and a prototype
    one-page site
    from 20,000 RUB for a prototype
    Prototype of the business card site
    This prototype option is required to create an effective business website. It includes:
    • Analysis of direct competitors
      and related niches
    • Developing a map of paths
      of the user through the site
    • Studying fears and pains
      of the user and their use
    • Development of end-to-end website elements (footer, menu, end-to-end blocks)
    • Developing a script for a typical landing page
    • Development of a static prototype
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    Order the development of a script and a prototype
    business card site
    from 45,000 RUB for a prototype
    Prototype of a complex
    site or service
    Developing such a prototype will require development of the interface
    and user experience. Work includes:
    • Analysis of direct competitors and related niches
    • Development of end-to-end website elements (footer, menu, end-to-end blocks)
    • Studying the fears and pains of the user and their use
    • Development of a dynamic prototype for desktop and mobile versions
    • Designing a customer journey map
    • Description of user roles
    • Developing a map of the user's paths through the site
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    Order development of script and prototype
    single-page site
    from 85,000 RUB for a prototype

    How do we prototype?

    We have extensive experience in developing one-page sites.
    We undertake development of the full cycle - from working out an advertising and marketing concept to its implementation and promotion of the landing page in advertising systems.
    Determine the goal that the business needs to achieve with the site
    We conduct competitive analysis of direct competitors and participants in related industries
    Forming trust triggers and decision model
    Defining fears and pains of the audience, working on closing objections
    Developing custom script and conversion forms
    Developing the structure and text content of the site
    Building interactive prototype and testing it
    Give the prototype to the designers to draw the design
    Prototyping stage is the beginning of the main work on
    creating websites. You can order both separate works and turnkey website development.
    Our approach is based on marketing, competitive analysis and project management experience. To develop a prototype, we conduct market research, competitor analysis and apply modern interface design methodologies.

    of our prototypes

    Our team has extensive experience in designing projects of different levels and solving problems of varying complexity.
    Prototype <span>landing</span>
    Prototype landing
    With elaborate custom script
    View examples
    Prototype<span> promo site</span>
    Prototype promo site
    With a user-friendly interface for every visitor
    View examples
    Prototype <span>large site</span>
    Prototype large site
    Interactive, for quality testing before design
    View examples

    Why us?

    We study business processes and agree on business goals Interface design is inevitably associated with applied marketing and business management: these are the competencies that our team offers to its clients. We provide 360° services: from concept development to business promotion through digital and classic marketing and we have extensive experience in prototyping convenient and successful websites.
    We use our experience in various industries and projects
    We keep our team's experience up-to-date and constantly evolving. Over the past three years, we have implemented more than 30 full-cycle projects: from concept development and marketing strategy to advertising support with subsequent analytics.


    The development of a quality prototype directly depends on the content that will be placed on the page. Our team will take on the task of writing texts for the pages of your site.
    Working on a prototype often lays the foundations for the design of a future site: dimensions, indents, grid, number of columns and elements, rules for navigating the site. In our company you can order high-quality website design
    Layout and programming
    We offer frontend and backend development services. Our specialists can make high-quality site layout and program them.

    Some numbers

    Development of a prototype is a mandatory stage of work both in web and in printing.
    It allows you to significantly facilitate further work on the site and improve their quality.
    5 days
    Taking prototyping of a business card site
    186 screens
    Contains one of the online store prototypes we implemented
    8 people
    Marketers, ux designers and analysts are working on your tasks
    Here about our experience
    and our approaches to work
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    Internet store
    In 2019, the company launched an online store, and, faced with the task of designing the interface and creating a design, contacted us.
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    Business card site
    Provides legal services in the real estate market and land relations.
    Еще ...
    Landing page
    Interesting website with vector design
    and complex integrations
    Promo page
    Еще ...
    3D modeling
    SEC Bobrovo
    Fast, interesting and cool. Remember, a presentation is first and foremost a structure of information!
    Site-business card
    Еще ...
    SEC Novoizmailovsky
    Website for the Novoizmailovsky shopping and entertainment center: a large and convenient multi-page
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