We brought rigour & precision into marketing in a
Moscow beauty salon. Beauty is such a beauty! ☺

Cut & Go is a hip beauty salon. It offers a full range of services that do not require a medical or aesthetic practice license: you can have haircuts and hair treatments, colour processing, manicure, pedicure, exfoliation procedures, various skin care treatments, and tanning. You can purchase professional cosmetics and get advice on its use. Once you have enjoyed your fair share of treatments, the beauty experts will recommend the products to maintain the end result in full prime even at home.

The task set by our customer

  • Launch the sales of the beauty parlor using online and offline communication channels.

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time: 1 month
  • Marketing campaign launch: December 2018

The tasks we solved

  • Developed a brand and its market positioning
  • Came up with a name, a logo and corporate identity
  • Made a landing page with an option of registering online and service advertising
  • Plugged in a CRM system
  • Elaborated a loyal customer program and a promotional offer for new customers
  • Placed company cards in directories and on maps
  • Adjusted contextual advertising
  • Fine-tuned targeted advertising

The tools we used

We made price and the project estimates inExcel, Google Docs, the design was drawn inFigma. HTML, CSS, JS.Advertising was set in Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, Facebook ADS. The main tool for the manager:YClients.
Pumped up the creative.

Yandex Direct
Yandex Metrika

Developed the brand and its market positioning

A beauty parlour next door. Our target audience is women and men aged 30-50, of an average income, living in the vicinity of approx.2 kilometers from the parlour location.

We have increased the advertising coverage for rarer cosmetic services (peelings, skin and hair treatments), and it is working.

Extra vibes: you can have several treatments carried out simultaneously to save time. This service attracts and builds trust. Even though it is not in really high demand, customers are always ready to settle a high bill when ordering the integrated services.

Came up with a name, a logo and corporate identity

    Title: bright, modern, short. It looks good graphically.We racked our brains over it for about two weeks.

    Please note: You cannot use an English name in outdoor advertising in Moscow unless you have special registration of a trademark! The Cut & Go sign was made in English.

    We invented a logo suitable for all communication channels. It works well on signboards, flyers, business cards, print ads, and the web.

    The main colour was the colour of 2018, a decent, all-weather fit

Made a design and layout

The page presented the exact price list and exit programs by pop-up windows with a detailed description and an opportunity to make a booking instantly. As always, mobile-first.

The page works for advertising services and for booking online. We made a convenient button in the mobile header for WhatsApp: our customers, girls, are deeply satisfied!

The conversion rate (action in the messenger and the call) is almost the same:2.24%and2,12% of the clicks respectively.

Plugged in a
CRM system

YClients CRM system is in the core of the developed automation system. We liked the API and the testbed.

YClients is a much more customer-oriented product than AMO or Bitrix24, we had no problems with the configuration. Many handy features work out of the box.

When calculating the cost of the system, be sure to pay attention to additional services and tariff restrictions!

Elaborated a loyal customer program and a promotional offer for new customers

We give a gift to new customers – a 20% discount on the service, providing that a discount card is issued. By being given a discount card, the client agrees to receive our newsletters, because retention is our profession. That’s a given.

Customer return rate for 2 months:
25%. The average workload of the beauty gurus is 28.6%.

Placed company cards in directories and on maps

We heavily employed catalogues and company directories in this project. We made a photo shoot, posted photos and company information in directories (2GIS, ZOON), as well as on Google and Yandex map services.

Zoon had paid data placement; all the rest came free of charge. It is more convenient for many customers to book through catalogues. The more ways of communication, the better.


Adjusted contextual advertising

We set the context in Yandex and Google as well as banner networks of YAN and KMS. Contextual advertising in Yandex is configured through the Audiences tool with geo-targeting by 2 km around the parlour.

The main emphasis was on the search networks. Due to this, it turned out quite inexpensive: the cost per click of an ad in Yandex is 24.71 rubles (refusals 22%), in Google 19.17 rubles (26.2% failures) two months after the launch.

Fine-tuned targeted advertising

To get new customers, we set up targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook in the local area.

Mobile placement has proven the most effective, audience 31-35, 36-40, with manicures and haircuts being in highest demand.

Visitor conversion rate on targeted advertising per click to the site in a visit is 1.1%

Our deliverables

After two months in operation, Huston, we have no problems.

Average bill
Parlour capacity utilization rate

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