The story of
how we advertised
beauty shop

We put things in order in the marketing of a beauty salon
in Moscow. Beauty is such a beauty.
Landing page
Cut&Go is a modern beauty and care salon. The salon offers a full range of services that do not require a medical or cosmetology license: haircuts and coloring, manicure, pedicure, peeling and various skin care, solarium. In the salon you can buy a professional cosmetics and get advice on its use. After the course of procedures, specialists recommend to clients products that support the salon effect at home.

Task set by the customer

Start beauty salon sales using online and offline communication channels.

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
1 month
Advertising campaign start:
December 2018

What tools did you use

Prices and project were calculated in Excel, Google Docs, design was drawn in Figma. HTML, CSS, JS< /b> Advertising was set up in Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, Facebook ADS The main tool for the manager: YClients >.
Pumped creative.

Developed brand
and its market positioning

Salon near the house. Our target audience is women and men aged 30-50, middle-income, living 2 kilometers from the location of the salon.
We have increased the geography of advertising coverage for rarer cosmetology services (peelings, treatments ), and it works.
From the unusual: several procedures are carried out in the salon at the same time to save time. This service attracts and creates trust, but it is not in demand often, but when buying it, customers are always ready for a high check.
Developed a brand

logo and name

title: bright, modern, short. Graphically looks good. We've been racking our brains over it for about two weeks.
Please note: the use of the English name in outdoor advertising in Moscow is now allowed without registering a trademark! The sign was made in English.
The logo was designed in a format suitable for all communication channels. Works well on a sign, flyers, business cards, print ads and on the web
The color of the year 2018 was chosen as the main color: I wanted to be in trend once a year.
Landing page
Done design and layout
The page presented the exact price list and pop-up care programs with a detailed description and the ability to sign up immediately. As always - mobile-first.
The page works for advertising services and for online recording. We made a convenient button in the mobile header for WhatsApp: our clients, girls, are very satisfied!
The conversion to a message in a messenger and a call is almost the same: 2.24% and 2.12% of clicks.
Look here:

Connected CRM

At the center of the developed automation system is the YClients CRM system. We liked the API and the test bench.
YClients is a much more client-oriented product than AMO or Bitrix24, we had no problems with configuration. Many convenient functions works out of the box.
When calculating the cost of the system, be sure to pay attention to additional services and tariff restrictions!

Invented loyalty program and promotion
for new customers

We give new clients a gift - a 20% discount on the service, subject to the registration of a discount card. By issuing a discount card, the client agrees to receive our newsletter, because retention is my profession. How else?
Customer return after 2 months:
Returnability of
Loyalty program

Company cards have been placed in references
and on maps

In this project, catalogs and directories of organizations were actively used. We made a photo session, posted photos and information about the company in directories (2GIS, ZOON), and on Google and Yandex map services.
Zoon hosted for a fee, others free of charge. Many customers find it more convenient to book through directories. The more ways to communicate, the better.

Set up
context ads

The context and banner networks of YAN and GMS have been set up in Yandex and Google. Contextual advertising in Yandex has been set up using the Audience tool with geo-targeting for 2 km around the salon.
The main focus was on the network. Due to this, it turned out to be quite inexpensive: the cost of a visit for advertising in Yandex is 24.71 rubles (22% bounces), in Google 19.17 rubles (26.2% bounces) two months after launch.
in Yandex
Google Disclaimers
Contextual advertising

Set up targeted ads

In order to get new customers, we set up targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook in the area.
The number of clicks from
social networks increased by
2 times.
Conversion from subscribers to site visit 1.97%.
English ad

What did you get?

After two months of operation, the flight is normal.
Average bill
Salon Capacity Load
Order a project

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