Development of the site of the cottage settlement «Maslovo-Park»

A project with a great slogan: «A new concept of country life»
Maslovo Park is a modern low-rise development project located in the elite area of ​​the Moscow region - on Nikolina Gora. Our team was engaged in the creation of website design and electronic presentation materials.

When creating the project, we tried to convey the feeling of living in the forest, the elitism of the place itself and the modernity of architectural and planning solutions, and technological equipment: both the houses themselves and the village .

The task set by the customer

Develop a promo site for a cottage village

Project Summary

Beginning of work:
March 2020
Окончание работ:
July 2020

Done site prototype

Often, along with the prototype, we make the text of the page. This time we worked with a “copywriter”: we made the structure of headings and blocks, and received the finished text.
The site is not large: it contains 6 types of pages: main page, home project page, project catalog, village map, contact page.

We made pages and infographics for individual projects

Each project in the village is created and planned for the different needs of the owner. These features of the projects were emphasized by the design, in the form of cards with infographics,
We made pages and infographics for individual projects
Developed realistic 3d models for website design

realistic 3d models for website design

We created the site during the construction phase, and we needed high-quality 3D renders to design the pages. Some of the renders were provided by the architectural bureau, some were made by us according to the draft solutions and the planning project.

We made a page with the progress of work in the village

Visitors to the site can view the section dedicated to the progress of construction. The section contains galleries of photos and videos shot with a quadrocopter.
We made a page with the progress of work in the village
We made up
and launched the site
Traditionally, layouts of the project were made using the BEM methodology.
Look here:

Some numbers

We always count, but we can't show all the numbers.
But we can do some of them!
4+ times
The site was stolen< and placed on behalf of someone else by unscrupulous realtors./span>
140 hours
Took the development of the project from our team
3 months
From the start of work to approval and inclusion of the site
Order a project

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