Developed a website for the shopping and entertainment center Novoizmailovsky

Website for the Novoizmailovsky shopping and entertainment center: a large and convenient multi-page
Site-business card
SEC Novoizmailovsky is located in Balashikha, microdistrict Novoe Izmailovo. The area is quite new, and the SEC provides residents of the area not only with the opportunity to make the necessary purchases, but also to spend leisure time: it hosts children's entertainment and educational events, there is a sports club
Website design for the project was a real challenge for us - usually we work in a completely different style.

Task set by the customer

Make a user-friendly website for a shopping and entertainment center

Project Summary

Preparing for launch:
3 months
Launching site:
October 2019

What tools did you use

The project was conducted in Jira, documentation in Confluence. Traditionally: HTML/CSS/JS, analytics systems Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics.
Features of work

Peculiarities of working on SEC Novoizmailovsky

We faced big problems in obtaining content from mall tenants. Many of them do not have logos and descriptions of their companies: they had to be invented and approved to launch the site. The customer's marketing team provided us with strong support - for which they immeasurable gratitude from our team.
Short deadlines: we worked hard, but did not get stuck in approvals and alterations.This is a big plus.

A little marketing

When designing the site, we took into account the need for it to be used by different audiences.
  • Residents of the microdistrict: should receive up-to-date information about events, promotions and discounts using the site.

  • Tenants< /b>: have a platform to present your business, products and services.

  • Potential tenants: the necessary information to make a decision to rent.
Set up advertising campaigns

Designing interface

While working on the project, we had to solve 3 main tasks:
make a tool for the presentation of the mall and advertise tenants
enable the company's marketers to keep a news feed on events and promotions in the mall
We have developed a User Journey Map (CJM), and provided related blocks on each type of page: the tenant page can display related promotions, the news pages can display a carousel of related tenants. The main interface used to navigate the site - mall map.


Since the mall is positioned as a "Family shopping and entertainment center", the design was made with large elements and friendly design. We used bright and direct colors, a white background, rounding for blocks and buttons.
The main difficulty is in design: harmoniously combine a large number of colors on one screen (6 colors are used in the company logo).White color for the background, blue and gray for elements, purple for active elements.
We tried our best.

SEC scheme

An interactive scheme of the mall was developed: technical zones and retail areas, including islands, were displayed on two floors. Each room is a button that leads to the page of an individual tenant. A window with brief information appears on hover.
Available areas for rent inactive on the diagram: the map is aimed at visitors.
The map has been made convenient for further maintenance: individual elements are quite easy to combine, separate and rename.
SEC scheme

UX/UI solutions

Map of the mall, depending on the user's location page, can highlight the location of the store.
The 3 sections of the top menu lead to one page, in which the category preselection for display is configured. The 4 buttons on the main page work in the same way.
The news section contains sorting that allows you to select the type of news you need. However, content managers, as it turns out, they love mess.
We tried to make the layout of the site as fast as possible. Before programming, the average page loading speed was 1.2-1.6 seconds.
Used BEM methodology, lazy loading for images, all icons included directly, in one svg file.


The site was implemented on CMS Bitrix, Start advanced edition. For convenience, companies have connected layout blocks with snippets. In the visual editor, you can connect ready-made modules and assemble the necessary pages from them: managers only need to add content .
The mailing tool was implemented in a similar way: it is convenient to assemble the mailing list in a visual editor. A good page builder has been released.

Result of work

Get some interesting experience and found some good solutions that we use in other projects..
Human design team from our company
It took a month to develop the site on a turnkey basis
Website traffic without paid traffic sources
Order a project

Do you have a similar task? Contact us and we will share our experience and help with the implementation!

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