Development of
selling page
for construction
company Svetlitsa

A site for a small construction company that is engaged in the construction of wooden houses.
Landing page
The company Svetlitsa is a small family enterprise from the Moscow Region.The company offers the supply and construction of wooden houses - turnkey.Employees of the company are ambitious and full of plans: when developing a landing page, we have laid opportunities for its development with a business growth.

The story began quite typically: the company's owners asked us to make an audit of advertising campaigns, which grew into several months of cooperation with the restart of marketingCompany.

The task set by the

Organize applications for the construction of houses in the suburbs of Moscow

The resume of the project

Preparation for work:
1 month
Beginning of work:
March 2021
Delivery of work:
April 2021
The start of the advertising campaign:
May 2021

What tools we used

Developed The concept of of the site and worked out commodity proposal

Before starting work, we were faced with the tasks of developing a unique offer and positioning for the company Svetlitsa. Distinctive features : The company builds at home and other turnkey buildings, works exclusively with wood.An additional difference: this is a small family business, its owners who conduct the project are responsible for the quality of work.
2 groups were allocated in the commodity supply: at home and baths, on the basis of these categories, the product catalog was divided.

On the site placed a block with articles and completed projects: for the construction industry, experience and possession of the necessary technological processes are decisivemeaning.

Wrote the text and made a prototype of the page and pop -up windows

We were faced with the task of to make a convenient one -page site with an impressive amount of information on it and several user scenarios.
The bulk of the information on the page describes the advantages of the company.Merchant offers are given briefly, and all the detailed information and forms of the preliminary order are hidden in the pop-up windows.

when developing a prototype, the need to expand the number of goods : the houses have provided filters that will helpThe user to sort the proposed projects according to the characteristics.Now we have taken the sort by area, with the growth of the catalog, we plan to expand the possibilities of selection of projects.

Drawn design and flashed the page

In design, they used light colors and focused on wood.The main goal: reflect lightness and naturalness .The font steam Gilroy and TT NRMS.
They painted the design

Connected form forms

The site is implemented two order scenarios:
  • The form on the first screen collects the requirements of the client, then sends them to the manager for processing.
  • The Blok with the houses offers the client to independently choose a project of the house, form and send an application for it to the manager of the company Svetlitsa.
According to the result of sending the form, we display “thank you” - it is necessary to optimize advertising campaigns on conversions.

Set up and launched
advertising campaigns

Construction is a traditional sphere with a long -term decision on the purchase. as a source of advertising, the customer chose Yandex.Direct. We collected and cleaned the semantic core, after cleaning we had about 300 search queries.Advertising has a geographical binding: the company operates in only a few areas of the Moscow region.
80 rub
The average cost of click
11,2 %
We launched advertising campaigns

Got the result

We always think, but not all numbers can show.
But some can be a little!
1 month
On development and page launch
to 100 house projects
Can be placed on the page without
the need for its processing
Order a project

Do you have a similar task? Contact us and we will share our experience and help with the implementation!

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