We made a sales page for the Mascotte Consulting project

Developed a page to sell highly specific consulting services with English localization and bilingual advertising.
Promo page
We continue to cooperate with the Mascotte Construction company. In this round, we developed a sales page for a complex complex service - Urban Development of Land Plots.
To develop a sales page, we plunged into the deep jungle of specific construction terminology. Special English localization of the page added piquancy to the work.

Task set by the customer

Start advertising services in the field of construction consulting, develop advertising campaigns for Russia, the CIS, Europe and Asia.

Project Summary

Preparing to launch:
2 months
Project start:
October 2019

What tools did you use

The design was drawn in Figma, the script was written and agreed with the customer in Google Docs. Statistics systems Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics, Yandex and Google advertising systems, Google and Yandex dictionaries. competencies in different areas.

Competitive environment

Urban planning study is an essential part of the work of the Technical Customer. Such work combines consulting, legal services, economic analysis, development of feasibility studies, design of buildings and territories, preparation and approval of state documentation.
Due to the complexity services, the market does not offer a large number of competitors.At the same time, it is difficult to both verify and confirm that the contractor has the necessary competencies and resources to implement such projects.The main market participants have been working for more than 20 years, it is difficult for young participants to confirm their experience, there is a problem of distrust The terms of project implementation in this market are from one year, so the choice of a partner and the negotiation of the terms of the contract are very long.
Competitive Environment

Developed landing page script Mascotte

A specific service required a specific approach. The text of the page was rewritten twice before it was sent to the customer for approval. After that, it underwent two more rounds of revisions. A balance had to be struck between technical terminology and spoken language. Show competence for very different groups: builders , financiers, top managers of investors and business owners.
Landing page script
Landing page
Designed page
The design of the site was inherited from the project on estimates. We added several solutions, made cross-references between them. In the English version, we finalized the necessary functionality to comply with GDPR requirements in the EU. We needed not only to supplement the functionality of the page, but also to develop a package of documents in English.

English localization

This service is often in demand by foreign investors: a frequent request is the valuation of an asset or an object for investment in construction. However, in English, the very logic of the request is dictated by other conditions, including administrative and legislative.
The translation was done in three iterations. The page was translated, given to a practicing English teacher for verification, after the corrections were made, the translation was checked again by the specialist who developed the contextual advertising campaign. Now the high quality of the translation is confirmed by the English-speaking audience of advertising.
English localization

Set up and launched contextual advertising

There are very few direct requests for this service, the core consists of 78 search phrases. There are a large number of related and indirect requests that we sent to YAN/KMS.
The term for making a purchase decision, as already mentioned, is very long. The cost of attracting an application in the first month was about 930 rubles.
Search Phrases
930 rubles
Application cost
Started contextual advertising

English-language advertisement

For the English-speaking audience, the advertising strategy was changed: the main focus was on media networks and facebook.
Part of the English-language advertising was launched for the CIS: many investors prefer to search in English (which surprised us), for example, in Azerbaijan.
English ad

Result of work

Quality site with well-developed positioning, USP and English localization. Numbers will follow.
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