Notification system for control elements for
microprocessor centralization system CTRL@LOCK

Took part in the development of a system for managing the railway
In the spring of 2021, we were approached by the managers of TMH Intelligent Systems (then called LocoTech Signal), with the task of developing a visual notification (a system of signs, icons) for the digital workplace of an employee of the CTRL@LOCK software and hardware complex.

Together with the company's employees, we took part in the development of the rules for the creation and maintenance of signs, and finally drew the list of signs required in accordance with the statement of work.

The task set by the customer

Develop a system of icons for the interface of an automated information system

Project Summary

Start of work:
Delivery of the project:
September 2021

color notification for railways

The railways have their own system of color and text notification. All commands on analog controls are simple three-letter abbreviations.
We assumed that there are color rules - and they really exist (simaphores on the railway), but it is extremely rarely used by specialists who carry out remote control, for which the CTRL@LOCK software and hardware system is intended. In the bottom line, we had «almost complete freedom of action».

Invented color schemes

In the first iteration, we planned to use not only the color and semantic content of the sign, but also its shape. Therefore, the first version of the developed signs contained substrates of various (mostly round) shapes.
After colleagues tried the developed signs in the interface, we faced a limitation of monitors: the way we saw them on Retina monitors did not correspond in any way to what the operator of the centralization system saw on his own. We abandoned additional forms and focused on colors and graphic signs.
Invented color schemes

Invented composition of
elements to indicate actions

Some of the developed signs duplicate each other! This is done on purpose: in the case when the sign denotes the same action in different contexts. It is easier for operators to learn notification.
Invented composition of elements to indicate actions

Developed and drew buttons

There are 105 characters in total.
Developed and drew buttons

Немного цифр

We always count, but we can't show all the numbers.
But we can do some of them!
4 people
Project team
9 weeks
Took drawing of two versions of icons
105 icons
Created as part of project
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