How we rebranded a company selling
medical training courses

We have some track record of selling training courses for civil servants and doctors. In this case, we greatly deepened and expanded our experience. When developing the project ANO DPO RIPKiPMR, we took into account all the mistakes that we had previously made while working on a similar project. Here, we worked in the reverse order: we made a website first, then the landing pages. Three months after the launch, we found that we were successfully competing with ourselves. It made us smile.

The task set by our customer

  • Create a brand and a website for the institute and the company selling medical training courses for doctors, and launch sales of medical courses within the company.

Project summary

  • Launch preparation time: 4 months
  • Marketing campaign launch: May 2018

The tasks we solved

  • Developed the brand and promotion strategy.
  • Prototyped the pages and user stories.
  • Developed the concept and elaborated the design.
  • Conducted a research into competitors' prices, formed the equilibrium price.
  • Developed a number of one-page sites.
  • Plugged in the system of end-to-end analytics, call-tracking and CRM.
  • Launched advertising campaigns in Direct, Adwords.

The tools we used

Contextual advertising systemsG.Adwords and Y.Direct, analytics systems G.Analitics and Y.Metrika, end-to-end analytics system Roistat, Bitrix24, Bitrix CMS, HTML/CSS/JS. Graphic editors Figma и Photoshop, Excel, Google Docs, Google Spredshits.

Google Analytics
Yandex Direct
Yandex Metrika

Developed the brand and promotion strategy

The main goal of rebranding was to stand out from the universally broad companies with diluted brands: to make this brand exclusively for medical professionals.

  • We registered a non-profit organization, came up with a "weighty" name: Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Continuing Professional Education "Regional Institute for Continuing Education and Retraining of Medical Workers".
  • We chose the color not associated with state symbols.
  • We used industry-specific medical resources, contextual advertising, and social media accounts as promotion channels. The courses are showcased on the state portal created for training medical workers - NFMD.

Developed the site map and page prototypes

The catalogue of the courses was used as the basis. The Institute has several target audiences, we offered a separate section on the site for each of them.

When developing prototypes, we focused on the sale of training courses.

The website information should be organized to work well with cold customers, as a purchasing decision requires a long time to make in this market.

Developed a design concept and made a website

We pinned the concept on the idea of the most comfortable design for doctors: white and green must be prevalent.

We took into account the audience’s need for information: there is a lot of data and they are quite conveniently organized.

The structure of the site allows you to place a very large number of training courses while maintaining the convenience of catalogue use.

CMS BitrixStart edition. .

Designed landing pages

The development began with the compilation of user stories. We use the created pages as landing pages for contextual and display advertising. Their menu is shared with the website.

We developed proper headlines, presented the advantages of the brand. In collaboration with the sales manager, we implemented the FAQ section.

Landing pages had in a new design, which was run through an a/b test, then finalized.

Conversion into the application after 6 months of use rose from 1.54% to 5.72%.

Plugged in the end-to-end analytics system, call-tracking and CRM

We used an already proven mechanism: CMS Bitrix + Roistat + Bitrix24. Telephony at the start was via Rostelecom, after some time it was switched to Mango. Mango is better!


Launched ad campaigns in Direct and Adwords

The semantic kernel was compiled and clustered from scratch. The texts of the ads were made again, with the main emphasis on education for medical workers as the main activity of the Institute. We elaborated the banner advertising campaigns, and this had a positive effect.

The average cost per click in a search was 43.4 rubles.

Investigated the competitors’ prices

Formed an equilibrium price.
Making a purchasing decision in this market takes about 3 months (on average). A/B testing was not good enough to determine the equilibrium price; thus, we the cohort analysis was used instead.

The average price offer is + 6-8% to the weighted average cost of the courses available in the market.


An opportunity to have a fresh take at our own previous completed work. And of course, nice figures.

ROMI in 3 months after launch
Increase in the average bill compared to a similar project
NCF business growth

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